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Marketing & Brand Strategy Council

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The Marketing & Brand Strategy Council is a vehicle for Senior Marketing Executives from the world’s leading companies, to stay ahead of the curve in the rapidly changing business trends. This council provides a safe space for a select group of top-level officers to get exposed to cutting-edge insights, share challenges, and identify best practices by peers from other industries – in a confidential, non-competitive, neutral, and vendor-free environment. This is an invitational only, yearlong, closed community where you build trust, raise issues and collaboratively explore solutions.

  • Arcadis N.V.
  • Caverion Oyj
  • Eaton Industries Manufacturing GmbH
  • Electrolux AB
  • FedEx Express
  • First Abu Dhabi Bank (FAB)
  • Ingredion
  • JT International S.A.
  • Tetra Pak International SA

Enduring relationships are at the core of the council experience. Enhanced by our global, enterprise-wide reach, these relationships span the world and help extend value across your organization. Confidential peer dialogue provides you with a broader perspective and shared experiences as well as access to specific knowledge, saving you precious time. Council membership benefits:

  • Collective problem-solving that puts your issue on the agenda
  • Benchmarking through regular surveys of relevant Council member company practices
  • Virtual communities that extend learning opportunities through a variety of online forums and other resource
  • Multi-functional insights generated by the wealth of perspectives. More than 130 councils work together across functions and geographies, covering more than 50 functions.

Examples of Partner Councils include:

Corporate Communications Council EMEA

Customer Experience Council, EMEA

Innovation Council, EMEA

Customer Experience Council, US

Council for the CMOs, US

Digital Marketing Strategy Council, US

Corporate Brand Strategy & Management Council, US

Market Insights Council, US

Asia Communication and Marketing Council

China Strategic Communication Council

Diversity & Inclusion Council, EMEA

Scott Nelson, SVP - CMO and Growth, ETS - Member of the US CMOs Council:
“Excellent interaction with other council members and outside speakers who are highly relevant to issues that I face in my position...really the perfect combination of practical information, problem solving, professional development and inspiration.“

Patrick Carpenter, former VP, Communications, Materion - Member of the US Communication Council: 
“I belong to a lot of organizations, and none come remotely close to the quality of the networking at The Conference Board, the seniority of the networking, and the quality of the peer relationships. This is my premier professional development. It’s the one I esteem the most and hold onto the hardest.
People are quick to compare this to CEB. There’s no comparison. They do benchmarking and data analytics, but there’s less interactivity. They don’t bring people together. Council members over time become your friends, become your allies, and become a gateway to open opportunities for career progression. Once in a while Council members find themselves out of work, usually due to reorganization. The first thing they do is come back to the Council. There’s a tether there.” 

Pablo Largacha, former Vice President, Public Affairs, Coca-Cola Asia-Pacific - Member of the Asia Marketing & Communication Council: 
“As a relative newcomer to Asia Pacific, I find great value in the insights and analyses constantly being shared by the Conference Board’s in-house experts. Coupled with the case studies and best practices openly discussed in the Council, they have been instrumental in helping me design and adapt my organization’s communication plans”.

Michelle Goret, VP Communication, Cintas - Member of the US Communication Council: 
“My company’s always been very supportive of training— seminars, plus we have a robust internal training mechanism. But there’s a point in your career where the returns on that diminish. I tend not to do any other training or education now beyond my Council membership. 

I think that the ability to help craft the agenda is the reason it’s valuable, and the relationships you form. Originally I was skeptical of the “no rules, but everything stays in the room” way the Council operates. But it really is a safe place for me to talk about my challenges. Many of us Council members are in organizations that don’t have communication as a core competency. So I might have an issue at my company and think it’s isolated. Then I’ll bring it to a Council meeting and find that it’s happening across the board. 

I report to the General Counsel at our company. He’s a man who doesn’t like to sit in meetings. But he’s a member at The Conference Board. He said his experiences with The Conference Board are the only impactful and actionable professional experiences he’s ever found. When we’re not meeting, my group has robust conversations in benchmarking. I also find value in the reports that The Conference Board publishes, and not necessarily in my business area. For instance, I just downloaded the Fortune 500 philanthropy overview. It’s helpful to me to see what other companies are doing in this area."

Maura Payne, Vice President, Communications, Reynolds American Inc. - Member of the US Communication Council:  
“A terrific opportunity to speak openly with peer-level executives about issues we all face. Despite the diversity of industries represented, there is tremendous commonality in the challenges before us." 

Future capability needs & organizational setup

  • Technology & Innovation – new developments impacting and powering the future of marketing, featuring a startup spotlight
  • The industry’s commitment to equality, inclusion, and systemic change
  • Next-generation thinking on the digital transformations that are shaping marketing and communication functions and capabilities
  • How to cascade brand strategy across the enterprise?
  • How to increase speed to market, increase agility, allocate resources?
  • How can we ensure that we’re managing our teams to evolve and improve their skills?
  • Creating new marketing frameworks and transforming organizational capability
  • Using agile marketing techniques to keep up with change

The consumer / customer

  • How to work according to ‘consumer journey’ and not departments (Marketing, Sales & After-Sales)
  • Best practices and improving alignment in marketing & sales
  • How can we truly understand the customer journey?
  • Delivering experience across businesses

Brand purpose & Marketing Strategy

  • How to connect WHY, HOW and WHAT
  • State-of-the-art strategies and frameworks for integrating messages (e.g. developing central themes, assigning lead agency, pan-agency/function briefings)

Marketing effectiveness & measurements

  • ROIs & ROMs attribution
  • State of the art measurement: How do you measure engagement and the success of your content?
  • Data, analytics, insights & marketing tech stack / Managing the shift
    • Data & analytics – Using Big Data / AI to drive marketing decisions

The new normal or post COVID-19

  • Marketing How Now – the effect of COVID-19 on marketing and future planning, and how creative disruption can shape the future
  • Pandemic Pivots – case studies from a range of organizations that have made purposeful pivots, or that have created products or initiatives born of the pandemic

Best practices

  • Best practices on collaboration across channels
  • Staying current on the newest channels and the changes in existing channels (e.g. mobile, VR, AR)

Senior Leaders in marketing who are accountable for the marketing disciplines in their organizations. EMEA-based Chief Marketing Officer, Chief Brand Officers, VPs, Directors CEO –1, –2 with a Group remit, European or for large Division or Business Unit of min 1bn euro revenue. Membership is by invitation only.

Tim Heldmann

Tim Heldmann

Program Director, Marketing & Brand Strategy Council
The Conference Board
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