Executive Compensation Management Council
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About the Council

As executive compensation professionals responsible for our companies' executive programs, we need to stay abreast of legal, financial, and regulatory developments in the field as well as the interests of shareholders, board members, executives, and other stakeholders. Our jobs require sharp analytical skills and the ability to consider and balance diverse opinions while designing, deploying, and administering complex programs. We must also communicate in a way that addresses not only technical compliance but also the concerns and interests of diverse stakeholders.


  • Executive compensation strategy, design, development, administration, governance, and compliance
  • Performance metric analysis, selection, monitoring, and communication
  • Financial treatment and reporting, regulatory reporting and compliance
  • Proxy reporting (executive compensation reports and summary compensation tables, etc.)

Who Should Join?

Seasoned practitioners from public Fortune 500 companies who are part of the senior executive compensation leadership team, report directly to the senior executive compensation executive, and are responsible for translating the enterprise strategy into an action plan.

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Dennis Roche

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Dennis Roche

Program Director, Compensation & Employee Benefits Council, Compensation Council, and Executive Compensation Management Council I & II, The Conference Board

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Executive Compensation Management Council

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