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The development of a leading edge sales organization can drive increased customer loyalty and consistent sales growth and revenues for an organization. As a result, maximizing sales efficiencies and volumes along with hiring, supporting, and retaining a high quality sales organization is on the minds of most corporate leaders today. The Sales Executive Council is a safe venue for professionals to share best practices while navigating the complexities of leading an effective sales organization. Topics of discussion will include:

  • New complexities of Customer Relationship Management and creating a seamless interaction with customers
  • Delivering accurate information to customers in real-time, when and where they need it
  • New technologies that are increasing demands and needs of customers
  • The profile of a salesperson of the future and new development methods
  • How world class market research, branding and positioning capabilities of the organization can retain and attract high-value customers
  • Building agile, lean sales organization structures and processes to support the ever-changing market environment and customer needs profile
  • Selecting accurate metrics to determine the drivers of customer loyalty and employee engagement and to reach financial goals
  • World-class segmentation and targeting in more competitive markets to deliver high quality sales leads and create new sales

Be in on the conversation

By bringing together a select group of senior executives who occupy similar roles at the world’s leading companies and organizations, The Conference Board Councils give you access to an elevated level of conversation you won’t find anywhere else. As a Council member you will gain insights beyond your industry, region, or point of view through confidential communities, meetings, and events.

Council membership benefits

  • Trusted peer groups who provide insights and new approaches to your business
  • Problem solving through our “Peer Assist Process”, tailored to meet your organization’s needs
  • Multi-function learning alongside your peers from related or totally distinct functions and geographies
  • Virtual online communities beyond in-person meetings where members share documents and contact peers
  • Exposure to timely topics to leverage opportunities and expand your knowledge base
  • Access to subject matter experts and access to our insights and research on key business issues

What happens at meetings?

  • Presentations by members or external experts on topics selected by members
  • Discussions on leading edge or “day to day” issues picked by and moderated by members
  • Panels where 2-3 members share experiences on a topic

Who should join?

Senior leaders responsible for managing the sales organization for their company or a major business unit


Program Director

Blair Skramstad

Program Director
The Conference Board
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Find out what members value most about their council membership.

Find out what members value most about their council membership.