Buy, Build, Borrow, or None of the Above? New Options for Closing Global Talent Gaps: Implications for the CHRO

February 2015 | Key Business Issues

With talent shortages looming, companies may rely too much and too quickly on their default strategies without asking the right questions or fully examining available options. This report provides case studies and sample questions for CHROs.

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Human Capital Watch™: Focus on CEO Challenge® 2015 & Labor Shortage Implications

18 March, 2015 | Human Capital Watch

Join us to explore the global and regional results of the CEO Challenge® 2015 and the implications of a tightening US labor market.

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Gad Levanon, Ph.D.
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Gad Levanon, director of macroeconomic and labor market research, shares insights on labor market trends and the implications for business

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