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Corporate Finance

Latest Tax Legislation Trends and Their Impact on Corporate Financing Strategy

26 July, 2016| Special Webcast

In this webcast we will hear from a corporate tax executive at Shell on how his interactions with his treasury counterpart are helping shape the company’s financing strategy. CPE credit available

Policy Watch

02 June, 2016| Policy Watch

This webcast will cover the state and trajectory of the national debt, its possible consequences, and CED’s solutions for fiscally responsible policies and budget making. CPE credit available

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Corporate Governance

Governance Watch

18 October, 2016| Governance Watch

Learn about the enforcement of non-competition agreements for senior executives and what companies and board members should consider when entering into and considering the enforcement of these agreements. CPE and CLE credit available.

Governance Watch

04 August, 2016| Governance Watch

This webcast will focus on the investor engagement tactics used during the 2016 proxy season including activism, shareholder proposals, investor collaborations, and letter writing campaigns. CPE and CLE credit available.

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Marketing & Communications

What Does Digital Transformation Mean for Human Capital?

14 September, 2016| KnowlEdge Series

Digital transformation is arguably today’s hottest business topic, yet many of us have only a fuzzy idea what it entails. This webcast will give you a clear understanding of digital transformation and its implications for human capital. HRCI and SHRM credit available

6 Things You Need To Know To Successfully Navigate The New Digital Economy

06 July, 2016| Special Webcast

This webcast will explore the impact of digitization on productivity, growth, and labor markets and offer insights into the challenges and opportunities digitization brings for businesses.

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Philanthropy & Citizenship

Policy Watch

08 September, 2016| Policy Watch

Viewers will learn how the competition and complementarity between immigrant and native-born workers makes the U.S. workforce more productive and how policymakers could improve immigration to better leverage the unique advantages of both immigrant and native-born workers. CPE credit available

Championing Sustainability from the C-suite: A Key Pillar of Sustainability Leadership

08 September, 2016| Special Webcast

Join this webcast to get insights into how sustainability champions within the C-suite can help drive business growth and spur innovation.

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Quality Management

The Subtle Impact of Exclusion: Overcoming Unconscious Bias

12 January, 2015| Special Webcast

Subtle behaviors in the workplace can hinder collaboration and undermine diversity efforts. Maximize business impact by focusing on inclusion, using daily practices that allow your workforce to contribute all their talents.

Bringing Depth to the Conversation About Executive Presence

04 December, 2014| Conference KeyNotes

In this session, you’ll learn about a research-based model that frames executive presence in three dimensions – character, substance, and style – and an actionable approach to assessing and developing presence and influence.

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