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CEO Challenge® 2015: Creating Opportunity out of Adversity

17 February, 2015 | KnowlEdge Series®

We surveyed more than 900 CEOs about their most pressing challenges in 2015 and their strategies for addressing them. Join us to explore the global and regional results and be prepared for what lies ahead.

The Conference Board Economics Watch® - Emerging Markets View

12 February, 2015 | Economics Watch®

This monthly webcast provides the latest insights from The Conference Board Economics Team on the growth performance of major emerging markets, especially the outlook for China, India, Brazil, and Mexico, as well as Southeast Asia. As a special topic, this month’s Economics Watch will include China’s economic growth prospects and risks in 2015, as well as drivers an developments of corporate profits in China.

The Long Soft Fall in Chinese Growth

21 January, 2015 | Special Webcast

Is the China slowdown over? Many analysts think China has had a “soft landing” that will yield about 7 percent annual growth for the next decade. The Conference Board disagrees.


Global Economic Outlook 2015: Results and Implications

12 November, 2014 | Special Webcast

Learn how the global economy may affect your business. Discover how corporate profitability may be affected under the influence of global economic (and policy) forces around the world and plan your response with help from our economists.

New Developments in Executive Compensation

30 October, 2014 | Special Webcast

How does your executive compensation practice compare? Join us and find out as we uncover the results of our annual Top Executive Compensation survey of over 2,000 US-listed companies.

Global Economic Growth Outlook

27 October, 2014 | KnowlEdge Series®

Ahead of the publication of The Conference Board’s annual Global Economic Outlook, we’ll take you through the background behind the numbers and our growth projections for major economies and regions in the world for 2015, 2015-19, and 2020-25.

The Long Soft Fall in China's Economic Growth Cover

22 October, 2014 | KnowlEdge Series®

How will the long fall in China's growth impact risks and opportunities for business?

Labor Shortages Are Coming: The When and Where

11 September, 2014 | KnowlEdge Series®

In this webcast, we focus on the risk of labor shortages across countries, and discuss which countries are more likely to experience labor shortages both at the present and in the coming decade.

Human Capital Watch™: Evolving Labor Shortages in the U.S.

20 August, 2014 | Human Capital Watch™

In this webcast, future labor shortages in specific occupations and industries and their implications on HC professionals will be discussed.

The Conference Board Economics Watch® - Emerging Markets View

14 August 2014 | The Conference Board Economics Watch®

Inflation and asset price bubbles in Emerging Markets

The Conference Board Economics Watch® - European View

13 August 2014 | The Conference Board Economics Watch®

This monthly webcast provides the latest insights from TCB’s Economics Team for the Euro Zone as well as the outlook for several of the larger European economies.

Information Technologies and Labour Market Disruptions

19 June, 2014 | Special Webcast

This webcast discusses the past, present, and future impact of technology on labor markets; and how to ease the transition from a human-based service economy to a technology-based service economy.

The Changing Cost Competitiveness of European Economies

04 June 2014 | Special Webcast

During the past few years, southern European countries have rapidly regained cost competitiveness, as wages in the region have declined compared to those in northern Europe. Are we seeing more productive industries emerge as strong alternatives for other economies? What wage growth have we seen recently in different countries? Will rapid wage growth return in the years ahead, evaporating cost-competitive gains?

Emerging Markets View

15 May 2014 | The Conference Board Economics Watch®

An overview of main labor market trends across emerging markets, focusing on employment and unemployment growth.  A special focus will be on comparing compensation across major emerging countries.

The Productivity Imperative for Growth and Competitiveness

02 April, 2014 | KnowlEdge Series®

What drives differences in economic performance and competitiveness across countries? This webcast reveals the latest findings on the impact of productivity on economic growth, job growth, and manufacturing cost competitiveness.


Labor Market Trends and International Labor Comparisons

20 November, 2013 | Human Capital Watch™

TCB economists, Dr. Kathy Bostjancic and Elizabeth Crofoot, discuss labor market trends and ILC data.

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