02 April, 2014 | (01 hr)

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This winter, the IRS and Treasury Department issued proposed regulatory changes for 501(c)(4) organizations, also known as “Social Welfare Organizations.” Much has been made of the political activity of these groups and the extent to which their activities are funded by the “dark money” of corporations.  It is likely that new rulemaking will impact ways in which corporations interact with these social welfare organizations as well as other tax-exempt groups such as unions, charities, and membership organizations. 

On our webcast, we’ll discuss the potential impact of current and proposed rules on corporate political and philanthropic activity, how companies can ensure that they understand the changing rules, providing appropriate board oversight, ensuring against reputational injury, and can anticipate where things are headed with respect to corporate political activity regulation.

Who Should Attend: General Counsel, political compliance lawyers, government affairs professionals, corporate secretaries, heads of citizenship/CSR.


Stefan C. Passantino

Stefan C. Passantino
McKenna Long & Aldridge LLC

As head of McKenna Long & Aldridge’s Political Law Team, Stefan C. Passantino has a nationwide practice focusing on representing corporations, interest groups, political figures, and other entities with respect to state and federal elect... Full Bio

Wesley Bizzell

Wesley Bizzell
Assistant General Counsel
Altria Client Services Inc.

Wesley Bizzell serves as Assistant General Counsel, External Affairs for Altria Client Services Inc. (“ALCS”). Mr. Bizzell provides in-house legal counsel on matters relating to the political, legislative, and lobbying activities of Al... Full Bio

Marcel Bucsescu

Marcel Bucsescu (Moderator)
Assistant Director, Governance Center
The Conference Board

Marcel Bucsescu is assistant director of The Conference Board Governance Center. In this role, he oversees all Center programs and leads several key efforts, including The Conference Board Committee on Corporate Political Spending and The Conferen... Full Bio


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