Disruptive Innovation Radar: AI in Talent Management
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AI: The Next Transformation

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Disruptive Innovation Radar: AI in Talent Management

June 20, 2023 | Newsletters & Alerts

Our Disruptive Innovation Radar roundup features the latest news, trends and insights from the world of Artificial Intelligence. From breakthrough research to emerging applications, this roundup covers it all in a concise, informative, and easily accessible format.




Welcome to this week's newsletter, where we explore the latest trends and innovations shaping the future of work. From the intersection of commerce and arts to the impact of AI on talent management, we've got you covered. Get ready to rethink your HR strategies and discover what's next in the world of work. Let's dive in.
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Disruptive Innovation Radar

Welcome to this week's newsletter, where we explore the latest trends and innovations shaping the future of work. From the intersection of commerce and arts to the impact of AI on talent management, we've got you covered. Get ready to rethink your HR strategies and discover what's next in the world of work. Let's dive in.

The Impact of AI on Talent Management: Redefining HR Strategies

Explore the transformative impact of AI on talent management, reshaping HR strategies for recruitment, retention, and workforce development.


Future of work, a new renaissance where commerce and arts meet | theHRD

Creativity, and inspiration are the leadership qualities that our organizations require today. Both employer and employee need these capabilities now, and we don't have centuries anymore to develop them. Making these qualities preeminent in our organizations is the next revolution. You can be at the forefront of this changing tide.


5 Trends That Will Shape the Future of Work - Hunt Scanlon Media

The dynamic landscape of work is constantly evolving, driven by technological advancements, AI, a remote and hybrid workforce, shifting demographics, and changing expectations.


AI governance must involve labour unions

Ever since ChatGPT arrived in our midst, it has generated fear and euphoria in equal measure. Some believe that it is a harbinger of a glorious future where Artificial Intelligence (AI) and AI-driven machines will relieve the drudgery of our lives, boosting productivity and incomes. Others fear that AI-driven machines will replace human workers en masse, creating wealth for a small set of Big Tech firms. PREMIUM Many firms may be tempted to deploy AI-based tools to track and control employees rather than to empower them. (Thinkstock)


How Singapore intends to harness AI for the public good

If asked a year ago what ChatGPT was, people may have guessed it was a dating app! Generative AI and its potential, multiplied by the scale and speed of change, have been nothing short of stunning. Last month, in San Francisco, I visited a Hacker House at Alamo Square. This area is now referred to as “Cerebral Valley”, reflecting the concentration of AI activity. There were start-up founders, along with researchers and investors. Academic papers published on a Friday were being prototyped over the weekend.


Can AI Do Heavy Lifting in 3D Print Designs?

We found some interesting examples of using AI for the work of designing 3D-printed objects. This user went through several false starts before he was able to get the code right for 3D printing.


3D printing, drones and robots to tackle construction labor shortages

Canadian construction companies claim digital technology is the key to dealing with an overwhelming shortage of skilled labor faced by nine out of 10 of these firms. This is according to a survey of 275 construction companies released Tuesday by KPMG Canada and reported on by the Globe and Mail.


Conversational AI: Transforming HR Departments and Redefining the Hiring Landscape - Express Computer

The ability to automate tasks and focus more time on developing employee-centric processes has enabled HR departments to take advantage of the rapid advancement of technology.


Gong launches customizable generative AI models to streamline sales workflows

Join top executives in San Francisco on July 11-12, to hear how leaders are integrating and optimizing AI investments for success. Learn More Revenue intelligence platform Gong today unveiled a suite of proprietary generative AI models designed specifically for sales teams. The company said that its extensive dataset of sales interactions, including calls, emails and web conferences serves as the foundation for these models, which customers can customize to meet their specific requirements.


What Will Working with AI Really Require?

To foster a symbiotic relationship between humans and AI, organizations must find the appropriate balance between investing in human skills and technological capabilities, and think strategically about how they attract and retain talent. To do this effectively, they need to think about where and how this technology will be used to assist people in their work — where people and machines will collaborate — and where either people or AI have skills that give them a clear advantage.




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