Disruptive Innovation Radar: A Human-Centric Approach to AI
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Disruptive Innovation Radar: A Human-Centric Approach to AI

July 13, 2023 | Newsletters & Alerts

Welcome to your Disruptive Innovation Radar featuring the latest news, trends and insights from the world of Artificial Intelligence. From breakthrough research to emerging applications, this roundup covers it all in a concise, informative, and easily accessible format.

In this week's roundup

Let's dive into the ever-growing demand of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) market and explore the global insights and trends that will shape its future by 2029. But that's not all – we also take a closer look at a human-centric approach to adopting AI, uncovering how this revolutionary technology can be harnessed to enhance our lives. And if that's not enough to pique your interest, we reveal the top 5 XR and AI marketing trends that are set to dominate the industry in 2023. Get ready to be amazed by the possibilities that lie ahead!




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Growing Demand of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Market: Global Insights and Trends by 2029

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) Market Report 2023 provides a comprehensive analysis of the industry with a focus on business strategies, major trends, and regional segments. It also includes valuable insights into the value chain analysis of key players - Nvidia Corporation, Banjo, Megvii Technology Limited, Microsoft Corporation, Anki, UBTECH Robotics, Inc.


Top 5 XR and AI marketing trends in 2023 | MarTech

Here's what's in store for marketers as rapid advances in extended reality and artificial intelligence disrupt the industry.


A human-centric approach to adopting AI

So very quickly, I gave you examples of how AI has become pervasive and very autonomous across multiple industries. This is a kind of trend that I am super excited about because I believe this brings enormous opportunities for us to help businesses across different industries to get more value out of this amazing technology.


Rise of the robots: UN tries to tackle ‘mind-blowing’ growth of artificial intelligence

The UN is aware that AI technology is racing ahead of the capacity to set its boundaries and directions, and so it brought together some of the best minds on the topic – whether human or man-made. “And just like that, the possibility that this form of intelligence could get smarter than us got so much closer than we ever thought – including those behind the technology.”


Meta Ran a Giant Experiment in Governance. Now It’s Turning to AI

Late last month, Meta quietly announced the results of an ambitious, near-global deliberative “democratic” process to inform decisions around the company’s responsibility for the metaverse it is creating. This was not an ordinary corporate exercise. It involved over 6,000 people who were chosen to be demographically representative across 32 countries and 19 languages. The participants spent many hours in conversation in small online group sessions and got to hear from non-Meta experts about the issues under discussion. Eighty-two percent of the participants said that they would recommend this ...


Generative AI for HR: Keeping the Human in Human Resources

Organizations have begun exploring how generative AI for HR can improve the working lives of HR practitioners and employees. Various use cases are ...


World's First AI-Designed CPU Paves Way For 'Self-Evolving Machines'

The furor surrounding ChatGPT and other similar AI projects doesn't only focus on what such chatbots are doing now. They're certainly already courting controversy (attracting legal trouble for sharing false "facts," for instance), but the bigger concern is what happens when we've given the technology, which is evolving all the time, greater power, greater trust, greater influence. Jocular Skynet references are sure to abound in the light of this computer-built computer.


Shutterstock continues generative AI push with legal protection for enterprise customers

Shutterstock announced today that it will offer enterprise customers full indemnification for the license and use of generative AI images on its platform, to protect them against potential claims related to their use of the images. The company said it would fulfill requests for indemnification on demand through a human review of the images.


AI won't likely enslave humanity, but it could take over many aspects of life

AI is fast becoming an alien intelligence, good at accomplishing goals but dangerous because it won’t necessarily align with the moral values of its creators. File Image by Alexandra Koch /Pixabay You might ask how such existential fears are supposed to play out. One famous scenario is the "paper clip maximizer" thought experiment articulated by Oxford philosopher Nick Bostrom. The idea is that an AI system tasked with producing as many paper clips as possible might go to extraordinary lengths to find raw materials, like destroying factories and causing car accidents.


How new AI tools can transform customer engagement and retention

As the cookieless future continues to gain momentum, the global digital advertising sector is experiencing a tectonic shift. Companies are being forced to reimagine the way they reach out to customers.




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