Employee Engagement Center Publications


  1. 24 Truths about Organizational Design: Insights from the 12th Annual Organization Design and Diagnostics Conference

    February 2017 | Conference KeyNotes

    We live in a world of continual disruption. Companies that restructure so they can be agile and flexible will be the most successful at dealing with the unknown.

  2. CEO Challenge 2017: Meeting the Human Capital Challenge

    January 2017 | Key Business Issues

    The human capital challenge for businesses in 2017 is about culture and talent. In a year of disruption, CEO respondents to our annual survey emphasize the need for strong organizational cultures that foster inclusiveness.

  3. CEO Challenge 2017: Meeting the Operational Excellence Challenge

    January 2017 | Key Business Issues

    The operational excellence challenge for 2017: prepare for global uncertainties. That means cost controls and a culture of excellence that lifts employees and builds agility, say CEOs in our annual survey.

  4. New Business of Business: Innovating for a Better World

    January 2017 | Research Report

    Businesses today face three challenges: shareholder demands for growth, employee desire for meaningful work, and public expectations. This Giving Thoughts describes how firms are tackling these three challenges simultaneously.


  1. Employees as Brand Ambassadors:The State of Employee Advocacy

    November 2016 | Research Report

    This SNCR 2020 article presents findings from the JEM 2016 State of Employee Advocacy Survey.

  2. 20 Truths about Corporate Philanthropy

    October 2016 | Conference KeyNotes

    When 46 experts met to discuss corporate social responsibility and sustainability at the Strategic Community Impact Symposium in New York City, we took notes. Here are the highlights.

  3. Giving in Numbers: 2016 Edition

    October 2016 | Research Report

    The 2016 edition of this annual report explores corporate giving at 272 of the world's leading companies.

  4. Job Satisfaction: 2016 Edition: Tightening Labor Market Means More Opportunity, More Satisfaction

    July 2016 | Research Report

    Nearly half of US workers (49.6 percent), the highest percentage since 2005, are satisfied with their jobs. The tightening labor market may be partly responsible for this uptick in sentiment.

  5. Conference Board Human Capital in Review™: Focus on Employee Engagement

    May 2016 | Human Capital in Review

    This publication explores hot topics within employee engagement research by providing actionable summaries of contemporary literature.

  6. 25 Truths about Customer Experience

    April 2016 | Conference KeyNotes

    Both consumer-facing and B2B companies can offer stellar customer service by being the best place to work, creating exceptional experiences, and having a customer-first culture.