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  1. Time to Face Up: The growing urgency for tackling our nation's debt

    26 April, 2018 | Committee for Economic Development

    Projections for the 2020 US budget predict an astounding $1 trillion deficit. This report examines the issues that contribute to the mounting debt and the steps needed to avoid fiscal crisis.

  2. China Center Research Brief: All signs point to much stronger environmental protection in China

    24 April, 2018 | China Center Publications

    Last winter’s air pollution control plan in the larger Beijing area was unprecedented both in scale and intensity. The action plan was part of a much broader, central government-led effort to tackle China’s pervasive air pollution problem and significantly ramp up environmental protection efforts in general. 

  3. China Center Research Brief: Communist Party Control of China's SOEs Clashes with EU Regulations

    24 April, 2018 | China Center Publications

    As the CCP pushes overtly into the governance of China's state-owned enterprises, expect increasing governmental pushback from the EU on Chinese investment activity in Europe.

  4. China Center Deep Dive Exchange Session Report: New Paradigms for CSR in China

    24 April, 2018 | China Center Publications

    Does the improved policy clarity and bureaucratic orderliness under Xi Jinping mean that CSR investing by MNCs can now be made more effective and impactful if it is aligned with Xi's “new era” policy priorities?

  5. EU Circular Economy Package: A Challenging Yet Important Impulse

    23 April, 2018 | Director Notes

    Corporate boards should be aware of the European Commission’s concepts of “recycle, repair and re-use” and waste avoidance, which are central to its Circular Economy Package.

  6. 25 Truths about Executive Coaching: Insights from The 2018 Executive Coaching Conference

    19 April, 2018 | Conference KeyNotes

    As coaching is increasingly being viewed as a perk, companies are expanding it to reach lower ranks of employees through internal coaching, team coaching, and manager-as-coach.

  7. 28 Truths about Health Care: Insights from the 18th Annual Health Care Conference

    18 April, 2018 | Conference KeyNotes

    Health care is the top concern of young workers. Why? Workers change jobs more frequently, and more workers are freelance. A healthcare plan can be a key talent differentiator for employers.

  8. C-Suite Challenge™ 2018: ASEAN/China Edition Executive Summary

    17 April, 2018 | Key Business Issues

    CEOs in both the ASEAN region and China are dedicated to the creation of innovative, customer-centric, and inclusive workplace environments within their organizations.

  9. Driving Digital Transformation: What's the Role of HR?

    13 April, 2018 | Key Business Issues

    This report, third in a series from The Conference Board on digital transformation and human capital, defines what HR leaders must do to help their companies succeed in digital transformation with its unique business and human capital challenges.

  10. Driving Digital Transformation: What's the Role of HR? Executive Summary

    13 April, 2018 | Key Business Issues

    This executive summary outlines what HR leaders must do to help their companies succeed in digital transformation, based on case studies of companies that have made digital transformation a strategic priority and conversations with many member companies.

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