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  1. Conference Board Economics Watch® Emerging Markets View

    26 July, 2016 | Economics Watch Reports

    Emerging markets have shrugged off the Brexit panic, for now, but show little sign of growth acceleration for the rest of the year.

  2. Conference Board Economics Watch® European View

    26 July, 2016 | Economics Watch Reports

    The Euro Area was on a moderate recovery path before the EU referendum. In reaction to Brexit, investors moved their capital toward less risky assets, bringing to the surface the weakness of the Italian banks and uncertainty around future investment decisions.

  3. 25 Truths about Branding: Insights from the Annual Brand Conference

    25 July, 2016 | Conference KeyNotes

    Brands are striving to amplify word of mouth in social media, keep their voice consistent across platforms, and ride the momentum of changes in the digital landscape.

  4. Conference Board Economics Watch® United States View

    22 July, 2016 | Economics Watch Reports

    The US economy is on a below 2 percent growth path.

  5. US Salary Increase Budgets for 2017

    21 July, 2016 | Research Report

    US salary increase budgets for 2016 have a median increase of 3.00 percent, the same percentage as the previous six years. Projections for 2017 are also 3.00 percent.

  6. Deciphering Labor and Skill Shortages in Asia with Workforce Analytics

    20 July, 2016 | Research Report

    This report profiles labor markets in China, India, Indonesia, and the Philippines and provides guidelines for using workforce analytics to address talent concerns in the region.

  7. Job Satisfaction: 2016 Edition: Tightening Labor Market Means More Opportunity, More Satisfaction

    19 July, 2016 | Research Report

    Nearly half of US workers (49.6 percent), the highest percentage since 2005, are satisfied with their jobs. The tightening labor market may be partly responsible for this uptick in sentiment.

  8. 25 Truths about Diversity & Inclusion: Insights from the 20th Annual Diversity & Inclusion Conference

    13 July, 2016 | Conference KeyNotes

    The diversity and inclusion function is growing to encompass not only race and religion but also sexuality, ability, and thinking. Inclusion means understanding bias and disrupting old thought patterns.

  9. Digital Transformation: What Is It and What Does It Mean for Human Capital?

    12 July, 2016 | Key Business Issues

    Within an enterprise, digital transformation often leads to significant changes in business strategy that  may reshape a company or disrupt an entire industry. These changes translate into new human capital challenges.

  10. Digital Transformation: What Is It and What Does It Mean for Human Capital? (CHRO Business Implications)

    12 July, 2016 | Key Business Issues

    “Can we combine talent data with other kinds of data to demonstrate to others how talent factors are related to business outcomes?” and nine other digital transformation-related questions CHROs should ask now.

Straight Talk November 2015

StraightTalk® Global Economic Outlook 2016: Escaping the Global Economy's Holding Pattern

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