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  1. Keeping the "Dream Team:" Leveraging Analytics to Retain Top Talent in Asia

    20 September, 2017 | Research Report

    This report highlights the talent retention challenges faced by employers in Asia and sheds light on how organizations can leverage human capital analytics to aid their retention strategies.

  2. StraightTalk® Global Economic Outlook 2017: How Much Will Stronger Global Growth Benefit a Recovery in Trade?

    20 September, 2017 | StraightTalk®

    Trade is back, yes, but the shift toward more services-oriented economies in emerging markets and consolidation of global value chains might create a different relationship between trade and GDP going forward--making the recovery potentially unsustainable.

  3. China Center Quick Note: China's New Philanthropy Regulations Should Be Helpful for MNC Donors

    13 September, 2017 | China Center Publications

    Despite legitimate concerns about tightening controls on civil society, China’s new philanthropic regulations portend important improvements to problems long plaguing corporate giving for foreign companies active in the country.

  4. Conference Board Economics Watch® United States View

    13 September, 2017 | Economics Watch Reports

    Economic outlook continues brightening for rest of 2017.

  5. Conference Board Economics Watch® Emerging Markets View

    13 September, 2017 | Economics Watch Reports

    A fading outlook for major emerging economies.

  6. Conference Board Economics Watch® European View

    13 September, 2017 | Economics Watch Reports

    Growth gains steam in the Euro Area, but it is unlikely to last beyond 2018, when long-term supply constraints will start weighing in.

  7. Conference Board Economics Watch® Economic Series Report

    13 September, 2017 | Economics Watch Reports

    Monthly economic series report.

  8. China Center Chart Dive: Changes in discretionary spending patterns indicate emergent consumerism in China

    12 September, 2017 | China Center Publications

    Even as discretionary spending is on the rise, Chinese spending on basic necessities remains relatively high compared to richer nations. 

  9. China Center Data Flash: July data suggest softening growth momentum

    12 September, 2017 | China Center Publications

    Following the surprisingly upbeat data from June, growth moderated in July across almost all monthly indicators, including industrial production (IP), fixed asset investment (FAI), retail sales, and exports/imports.

  10. Just What Is the Corporate Director's Job? Perspectives on the Board Member's Job Description

    11 September, 2017 | Key Business Issues

    With the aim of fostering a common understanding among market participants, we ask different types of stakeholders to consider how the role of the director has evolved, what the current range of expectations is, and where gaps in understanding have resulted in conflict.

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Straight Talk September 2017

StraightTalk® Global Economic Outlook 2017: How Much Will Stronger Global Growth Benefit a Recovery in Trade?

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