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  1. Effect of Gender Diversity on Board Decision-making: Interviews with Board Members and Stakeholders

    24 January, 2017 | Director Notes

    This Director Notes investigates the argument that adding women to boards is good business by looking at some supporting evidence from interviews conducted with French corporate board members and stakeholders in connection with a preliminary qualitative study about the quota system adopted in France in 2011.

  2. 16 Truths about Income Inequality

    24 January, 2017 | Conference KeyNotes

    Short-term thinking has created a corporate culture pushing quarterly numbers over practices that promote solid growth. To combat inequality and its effects, companies must invest in workers, innovation, and long-term projects.

  3. Beyond Technology: Building a New Organizational Culture to Succeed in an Era of Digital Transformation

    23 January, 2017 | Research Report

    Digital transformation is more than just a new set of tools for the workplace. True digital transformation means a digital world where everything is connected, hierarchy fades, and innovation happens through networks.

  4. Beyond Technology: Executive Summary

    23 January, 2017 | Research Report

    In this era of digital abundance, organizational success (and in more than a few cases, survival) will require moving well beyond traditional change initiatives to a complete transformation. It will not be easy.

  5. Beyond Technology: Why This Transformation Is Different

    23 January, 2017 | Research Report

    If the industrial age was about standardization; the digital age is about mass customization and mass collaboration.

  6. Beyond Technology: Making the Transformation

    23 January, 2017 | Research Report

    A successful digital transformation requires an enterprise approach to strategy and systemic change. The challenge of true digital transformation across the enterprise is to change the organizational culture.

  7. Beyond Technology: The Human Element and the New Leadership

    23 January, 2017 | Research Report

    Having an advantage in technology is not enough to keep an organization out front in the digital age. It is organizational culture, enlightened leadership, and talent that will ultimately create a sustainable competitive advantage.

  8. Beyond Technology: Innovation in the Era of Digital Transformation

    23 January, 2017 | Research Report

    The scarcity in the New Digital Economy is not the technology—it's the organizational mind-set to move beyond traditional approaches to innovation.

  9. Beyond Technology: Risk, Regulation, and Building Trust in the Digital Age

    23 January, 2017 | Research Report

    Greater connectivity brings greater opportunity but also greater risk. Potential vulnerabilities have moved up the risk agenda of companies across the globe, including in Europe.

  10. Beyond Technology: Conclusion and Action Plan

    23 January, 2017 | Research Report

    This extract includes an action plan from The Conferenced Board to assist organizations on the road to digital transformation.

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