Research Working Groups (RWG)

Watch the short video below to learn more about RWG members and their experience.

RWGs bring together executives across industries to address current and emerging business issues. Working with top specialists and thought leaders, participants identify solutions to a critical challenge while developing a wider perspective and deeper knowledge. The result is a comprehensive report designed to shape a platform for enterprise-wide action and impact.  


2013 RWG on Measuring the Impact of Corporate Social Investments
"We have found great value in connecting with our peers and getting exposure to the industry's subject matter experts through this Working Group. The first meeting alone helped mold our team's 3 year vision for measurement at Target. Additionally, a peer in the group helped us think through how Target uses technology for data collection & reporting. The group's input and examples on shared value helped me craft our exploration of shared value for Target. Overall, we've been thrilled with what we've learned through this RWG."

Mark Muckerheide, Sr. Group Manager, Target Corporation