Corporate Brand and Reputation Conference 2015

14th Annual Sustainability Summit
29 - 30 April, 2015 (New York, NY)

21st Annual Leadership Development Conference
30 April - 01 May, 2015 (New York, NY)

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Sustainability in China: Multinationals in the Crosshairs
27 Apr. 2015 | KnowlEdge Series®

Navigating Changing Oil Prices - Europe Focus
28 Apr. 2015 | Special Webcast

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The Conference Board Human Capital in Review™: Focus on Diversity & Inclusion (Vol. 5, No. 1, 2015)
21 Apr. 2015 | Human Capital in Review

Getting a Handle on Energy (Strategic Overview)
14 Apr. 2015 | Key Business Issues

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The Conference Board Councils bring together professional peers in confidential, dynamic, cross-industry communities to learn from each other's experiences.

Centers gather distinguished executives in facilitated, private and public sessions to discuss pressing and longer-term issues.

Corporate Leadership

Corporate Leadership

Steering your company at the highest levels means you must contend with more complexity and demands than ever before – and our goal is to be your go-to resource. You can find digestible information on governance, corporate finance and other topics, while our wide-ranging benchmarking data will help you assess issues and buttress your position. With your oversight and management responsibilities only growing, you can turn to us to keep you informed with an independent take on the most important developments.

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Economy & Business Environment

Economy & Business Environment

As you face information overload and fast-changing business conditions, we help you make sense of the most relevant economic data to support your decision-making. Whether you want to assess labor trends, invest in innovation or understand shifts in global economies, we filter through complexity and tell you only what you need to know. You can rely on us to be an independent voice, and our accessible language enables you to connect economic information to your unique business challenges and strategy.

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Human Capital

Human Capital

While many CEOs say that human capital is a priority, what will it really take to engage your employees, develop leaders at an ever-faster pace or make your workforce more agile? We help you find answers – through extensive research, fresh insights and the understanding that comes only from talking candidly with peers. Beyond the latest trends or data, you can dive deeply into topics that matter to you and find guidance on articulating your business impact while positioning your organization for performance, growth and innovation.

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Economic Indicators

U.S. Indicators Global Indicators

TCB in the News

Bart van Ark and Gad Levanon on energy prices and global growth.
Apr 23 | El Universal: Read

Bart van Ark on productivity drop, failure to innovate in UK economy.
Apr 20 | Financial Times: Read

Despite oil bust, Texas consumers remain confident—for now.
Apr 21 | Lynn Franco: TCB Blog

Ken Goldstein on outlook for U.S. economy, latest LEI for April.
Apr 17 | Bloomberg Radio: Listen

Melissa Aguilar: CEO firings drop to lowest level since 2005.
Apr 16 | Wall Street Journal: Read
Apr 14 | CFO Magazine: Read

Bart van Ark on impact of lower oil prices, varied scenarios for future.
Apr 15 | Wall Street Journal: Read
Apr 15 | Bloomberg TV: Watch

Andrew Polk: Chinese growth likely to slow further in Q2.
Apr 15 | Bloomberg: Read
Apr 15 | China Central TV: Watch

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The Conference Board Human Capital Exchange

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