The Engagement Institute™ Member Information

As a valued Advisor of The Engagement InstituteTM, you now have access to quarterly webcasts and survey results and have the option to attend upcoming events and our annual summit (see registration details for pricing). 

As a valued Research Fellow, you have additional support and opportunities as part of your membership; please visit The Engagement InstituteTM Resource Center for additional information.

Please look below to review what resources are available to you, depending on your level of membership. If you wish to upgrade your membership, please contact us at

For Advisors and Research Fellows:

As either an Advisor- or Research Fellow-level member of The Engagement Institute™, you have access to participate in a variety of Quarterly surveys and Webcasts:

Please review the table below for upcoming survey and webcast dates and times: 

Survey & Webcast Timeframe
3Q 2015 Survey May 25-June 15, 2015
Webcast (all members) August 20, 2015 @11 AM ET

You should have received login information and instructions needed to access these webcasts by email. If you have not, please contact The Engagement Institute™ at

Exclusively for Research Fellows:

As a Research Fellow of The Engagement Institute™, you have exclusive access to the following:

• Library of Resources – This resource page, exclusively available to Research Fellows, contains a variety of helpful reports, briefs, viewpoint articles, and studies from The Conference Board, Deloitte and Sirota. Please click here to access.

• Virtual and In-person Working group sessions – With the guidance of subject matter experts and facilitators from The Conference Board, Deloitte, and Sirota, these sessions are designed to fully incorporate Research Fellows in identifying solutions to engagement challenges while helping them gain a broader perspective on, and deeper knowledge of, employee engagement. The result is a comprehensive report designed to shape a platform for enterprise-wide action and impact.

• On-site Visit to a “Best Practice” Organization – Research Fellows will have the opportunity to visit an Employee Engagement “Best-Practice” organization to see engagement in action. The visit will also consist of discussions and Q&A sessions with organizational leaders.

Please hold the dates below for sessions open exclusively to Research Fellows.  The in-person sessions will be all-day events. The virtual sessions will be held in the early morning to encourage participation from members in all regions of the world. Additionally, your status as a Research Fellow includes admission to the Annual Summit we’re hosting in 2014 and 2015. Following are the dates and locations:

In-Person Working Groups:

Event Date Location
In Person #3 June 23-24, 2015 The Conference Board, NYC

Virtual Working Group Session:

Event Date
Virtual Session #2 June 10, 2015 @ 1-3:30 PM EST
Virtual Session #3 July 17, 2015 @ 12-2 PM EST


Event Date Location
Annual Summit #2 October 22-23, 2015 Alexandria, VA

Please mark these events on your calendar. Enrollment details will be provided as we get closer to the dates.

The Engagement Institute™ Resource Page

This page contains reports, briefs, articles, and studies that can be leveraged to enhance employee engagement in your organization, and is exclusively available to Research Fellows of The Engagement Institute™.

Click here to access