2015 Engagement Institute™ Application

Since launching The Engagement InstituteTM, we have received terrific feedback and interest.  One theme we heard is that some prospective members desire options for joining The Engagement InstituteTM and becoming involved in our leading community of practice.

With that in mind, we are excited to announce two options for being a part of The Engagement InstituteTM:

  • Join The Engagement InstituteTM as a Research Fellow.  Research Fellows are the thought leaders who will drive the conversations and change the way we think about employee engagement. To join, you would need to provide a sustaining subsidy of $12,500 per year from each Research Fellow organization member, which includes full participation of two executives from that organization.

  • Join The Engagement InstituteTM as an Advisor.   Advisors have the opportunity to stay involved with The Engagement InstituteTM but with no up-front fees. Throughout the year, you will have the opportunity to provide input and feedback to help shape and address the topics and challenges organizations face by participating in quarterly surveys and attending webinars. Limited to one executive from each organization.

Visit our main page for more information about the options available for joining The Engagement InstituteTM and becoming involved in our community of practice.

Please submit this form a second time for additional members from your organization


For questions, please contact Rebecca Ray at 212-339-0481 or at rebecca.ray@conference-board.org



The Engagement Institute™ Application for 2015

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