Thought Leadership Briefings



Are you interested in learning more about the issues that keep CEOs awake at night? More importantly, do you think your top clients and prospects would like to know the same things?

Well now they can. The CEO Challenge Thought Leadership Briefings series provides both internal and external audiences with customized presentations by subject matter experts from The Conference Board. The presentations are tailored to provide a level of analysis, insight and perspective that only The Conference Board can deliver – and that will be most relevant to the business orientation of each audience.


  • Associate your company and brand name with the highest level of thought leadership – the challenges and strategies identified by 729 CEOs across geographies and industries from the world’s leading organizations.
  • Expose your top clients and prospects to an in-depth analysis of the findings from theCEO Challenge as a way to help them align their business outlook with the concerns of global leaders.
  • Leverage the expertise of subject matter experts from The Conference Board to demonstrate to your clients and prospects how your business is addressing critical issues at the top of the CEO agenda.
  • Help your internal strategy and planning functions to align their key initiatives with the issues identified by CEOs from around the globe.

CEO Challenge Thought Leadership Briefings Protocol
Subject matter experts from The Conference Board are available for customized, in-house briefings according to the following protocol:

Company provides

  • Meeting facility
  • Meeting attendees
  • Meeting moderator and company speakers and/or panelists

The Conference Board provides

  • Subject matter experts:
    • Jonathan Spector, President & CEO, on global challenges, strategies and leadership implications
    • Bart van Ark, Executive Vice President & Chief Economist, on business growth, productivity and innovation
    • Rebecca Ray, Senior Vice President, Human Capital, on talent management and leadership development
    • Rainer Schultheis, Managing Director, Europe, Middle East & India, on the European view and cost optimization
  • Printed copies of the presentation for all attendees
  • Briefing ads – Showcase your meeting with an advertisement on the CEO Challenge homepage

For more information and to schedule a CEO Challenge Thought Leadership Briefing at your company, please contact Customer Service at 212-339-0345,