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Cohort A, 2017
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Over the last ten years, the role of procurement has been transformed from an auxiliary department to a strategic function with clear, measurable targets that relate to the overall business plan.

The Conference Board Procurement Academy empowers procurement and planning executives to rise to these new challenges and deliver significant value in today’s volatile markets.

Small classes, personal mentors, and face-to-face and virtual meetings over several months expose participants to best-practice organizations and to the latest thinking in a demanding field whose focus has gone from tactical to strategic in record time.

Benefits of attending

Participants develop models and a personal action plan to implement on completion of the program. They develop the skills to:

  • Align and integrate procurement with the business strategy
  • Make procurement a real business partner
  • Enhance the leadership skills that can make a difference
  • Build ties with business partners
  • Become leaders in the field
  • Expand themselves beyond their current frame of reference

Who should attend?

  • Procurement directors, leaders and managers who, ideally, are managing a procurement department at the local level or higher  
  • Senior procurement professionals and other functional heads involved in the “Make or Buy” question
  • Organizational leaders and those responsible for strategy and planning
  • High-potential and high-performing procurement practitioners

How will the Academy help your organization?

You may already be leading your organization, the key challenge is to keep your leadership fresh, inspirational and relevant to your changing environment. Develop your skills – match them to different situations and enhance techniques to make a real difference in your business.

By the end of the program you will:

  • Have a template for mapping out next steps for career development
  • Be able to benchmark your efforts against some of the leading organisations from around the world.
  • Learn influencing techniques from various case studies and discussions
  • Accelerate and inform your own thinking by drawing inspiration from fellow participants, presentations and debate. 
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