Topics and Activities

Preparing for the Academy

  • You receive a comprehensive selection of relevant articles and reports, providing a solid research base for the Academy

  • You also receive a self-assessment questionnaire to help you refining your objectives for the Academy, and for us to adapt the content of the academy to your needs

First Webcast

Programme Orientation

  • Setting the frame in which the Academy will be organized

  • Understanding why and how Coaching and Mentoring have become 'tools for our times'

  • Understanding the need for a coaching and mentoring strategy

Preparation for the 3-day Face-to-Face Meeting

  • You receive personal support to prepare for the 3-day face-to-face meeting

3-Day Face-to-Face Meeting Day 1

Alignment of our knowledge and skills

  • Getting to know each other, sharing your companies' strategies and your needs from the programme

  • Understanding coaching and mentoring and comparing them with other development strategies

  • You have the opportunity to learn and practice the essential coaching and mentoring skills for executives

  • Towards the development of your Coaching and Mentoring strategy: Learn how to get the attention and engagement of your key stakeholders

  • Networking dinner

First Face-to-Face Meeting Day 2

Discovering options, defining your vision and planning for strategy development





Moving from vision to strategy

  • Presentations from faculty members and discussion on the approaches to coaching and mentoring

  • Understand various approaches, what worked and what not. Discussions on pitfalls to avoid

  • Highlight the pros and cons of integrating coaching or mentoring into your company culture

  • Understanding the potential applications of coaching and mentoring

  • Building your vision for coaching and mentoring in your own organisation

  • Definition of your action plans for collecting and analysing the additional information needed to determine your own strategy
  • Sharing and tuning the visions under development for your own organisation
  • Getting from current situation to your future vision: critical success factors and key strategies
  • Networking dinner

First Face-to-Face Meeting – Day 3

Moving from vision to strategy

Developing an implementable strategy

  • Presentations from faculty members and discussion on the implementation of their coaching and mentoring strategies, difficulties encountered, solutions found and benefits accrued
  • Integrating with your own organisation's business strategy
    • Discussing the potential barriers to successful implementation of the coaching and mentoring strategy, and defining mitigation approaches to ensure success

    • Understanding the benefits of using of role models, champions and pilots; reviewing the supporting systems to be implemented to ensure success

    • Developing and implementing the strategic plan that works for your own organization; planning for sustainability in your organization

    • Keeping the networking going and co-coaching opportunities

Second Webcast

Preparing for strategy

  • Discussing progress on action plans, difficulties encountered and ensuring the necessary information is available to be able to develop a strategy in the next face-to-face meeting

Action Learning from Face-to-Face Meeting

  • Your progress through the action plan from face-to-face meeting with relevant stakeholders in your organization

  • You finalise the strategic plan you defined during face-to-face meeting and you get buy in from key stakeholders in your organization

  • Support provided by faculty members

Third Webcast

Putting into action

  • Review of your progress towards implementation of your coaching and mentoring strategy, discussion of difficulties and how to get round them
  • Planning for the future
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