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Are Your Economics Students Ready for What Lies Ahead?

As an economics educator, you know that the global economy is in a state of unprecedented flux. How can you give your students the agility that will be required of them when they enter the workforce?

We offer a toolkit for professors
Our Classroom Resources include a range of data and real-world insights to bring the marketplace into the classroom and help you prepare your students for the complexity they will soon face. Download the brochure here.

How it works
Our economists sift through a constant flow of economic data, choose what will be most helpful to you, and present it in an accessible and affordable online package. We collect and curate our most up-to-date information to give you more time for your research and teaching.

Who can access
Department membership provides unlimited access to Classroom Resources for up to five members of your economics faculty. Talk to us about adding more users.

What you receive
Annual membership includes unlimited access to:

  • SlideSource a PowerPoint portfolio of relevant economic charts curated by our economics team
  • Downloadable research and our latest thinking on global economies
  • Webcasts to incorporate into your lectures or watch live or on demand, including three monthly editions of The Conference Board Economics Watch® on the US, Europe, and Emerging Markets
  • Working papers from our economics team
  • Regular updates to keep you current on new releases

Annual subscription is $995 - includes access for up to five faculty members in your department. Each additional user is $150.

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