Corporate Governance Center Publications


  1. 25 Truths about Talent Acquisition: Insights from the 3rd Annual Talent Acquisition Conference

    November 2016 | Conference KeyNotes

    Talent acquisition is no longer a support function—it is a strategic partner that can help a company make money. Attracting the right people is the big challenge.

  2. Sustainability Practices Dashboard

    November 2016 | Research Report

    The Conference Board Sustainability Practices Dashboard analyzes the most recent disclosure of environmental and social practices by public companies around the world. 

  3. Sustainability Practices 2016 Key Findings

    November 2016 | Research Report

    One key finding from the 2016 Sustainability Practices Dashboard: while an increasing number of companies include sustainability performance metrics as a factor in executive compensation, they are routinely reticent to disclose the specifics of those metrics.

  4. Every Other One: A Status Update on Women on Boards

    November 2016 | Committee for Economic Development

    In this paper, CED outlines its plan for direct outreach to the nominating committees of prominent corporate boards and includes recommendations for expanding the criteria for qualified female board members.

  5. A Strategic Cyber-Roadmap for the Board

    November 2016 | Director Notes

    This Directors Notes reviews five director case studies of cyberrisk governance.

  6. Director Notes India: Regulation of Related Party Transactions in India

    November 2016 | Director Notes

    India’s legal framework for regulating related party transactions has slowly converged toward international standards. The real import of the new standards will depend on the extent to which minority shareholders participate in the evaluation and voting rights they have been afforded.

  7. Landscape of Campaign Contributions: Interim Report

    November 2016 | Committee for Economic Development

    Campaign spending is increasingly conducted through third parties rather than direct expenditures. That approach should end in favor of one that promotes accountability and provides voters with information on the sources of funding behind campaign communications.

  8. Making Washington Work

    October 2016 | Committee for Economic Development

    This report provides an update of the Committee for Economic Development's "Make Washington Work" project and outlines policies and reforms to improve the US political and legislative system. 

  9. Modernizing Medicare

    October 2016 | Committee for Economic Development

    In this report on the future solvency of Medicare, the Committee for Economic Development proposes a policy that aims to maintain quality, “bend the cost curve,” and reduce the current unsustainable growth of costs under traditional Medicare. 

  10. Key Dimensions of Effective CEO Succession

    October 2016 | Key Business Issues

    This strategic overview for the C-suite provides a road map to help CEOs and directors organize succession planning, integrate it with board responsibilities, and ultimately define it as an ongoing element of business strategy.