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About The Workforce Analytics Institute

The Conference Board and Mercer partnered to create The Workforce Analytics Institute (The WAI) in Asia as the ‘gold-standard’ in workforce analytics research. The initiative is designed to provide business and human resources communities with the research, tools, methodologies and training to move from standard workforce planning through to understanding and utilizing workforce analytics and big data.

A relatively small number of organizations have the capacity to manage and use human capital data. Organizational leaders report a lack of confidence in the human resources function being up to the challenge of dealing with twenty-first century human capital needs. Whilst human resources professionals are starting to use their data more efficiently, many are overwhelmed about how to start an effective human capital analytics practice.

The WAI will provide organizations with the techniques and insights to help them articulate the impact of human capital investments, and to identify future trends that will influence their business and human capital decisions.

New Insights into the Analytics Journey

The Conference Board and Mercer will provide the investments in research to define the road map required to implement robust workforce analytics within your organization. Research will be driven by business inputs rather than theory, and will provide your organization with the ability to benchmark and successfully implement and utilize workforce analytics. The WAI will support your organization on its analytics journey with high-level learning and answers to key questions including:


Benefits of Membership

Learning and Development

The WAI will create learning academies, designed to provide leaders of strategic workforce planning and analytics initiatives with the training and development to ramp up their skills, learn from leading edge practitioners who are addressing similar problems, and develop an innovative and cutting-edge approach to the implementation of strategic workforce planning and analytics within their organizations.

Access to Research

The WAI will host the latest thinking and research in multiple formats on a designated, access-controlled website. The site will provide the opportunity to question, comment, blog and utilize social media to create a dynamic learning platform. You will also receive a regular newsletter informing you of the latest insights.

Access to Experts

Members of The WAI will have access to an array of knowledge assets, with the ability to harness the collective wisdom of our researchers, practice leads and regional directors to support you in the development of an analytics practice for your organization. This access will include free-of-charge invitations to briefings held regularly across the region, together with our webcast series available in real-time or for download and later use.

Peer-to-Peer Experiences

The WAI will create two unique peer-to-peer experiences in the form of council groups facilitated and developed by WAI experts. Each council group will facilitate a peer network to enable benchmarking, industry insights and exchange of best practices designed to help you shape your strategic decisions and the development of your analytics plan. The first council will provide support and insights for organizations that have an entry-level understanding of workforce planning and analytics. The second council will be designed for organizations at a more advanced stage of workforce planning.

Who Should Participate

  • VPs, directors and managers of human resources, talent acquisition and recruitment, organizational development, strategy and workforce planning
  • Strategic HR practitioners
  • Business line managers and executives
  • High potential and high-performing human capital and business practitioners
  • Future leaders in the disciplines of HR, OD or the business line 


For information on membership in The Workforce Analytics Institute, please use the contact form below. Or contact Brendan Moran of The Conference Board directly at or +65 6645 4695.

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