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February 2016

Gad Levanon: Job growth below expectations, but not disappointing.
Feb 5 | Reuters: Watch


January 2016

Nick Sutcliffe: Treat compliance not as cost, but investment.
Jan 31 | Business Standard: Read

Matteo Tonello: Political disclosure to be investor 'Issue of the Year'
Jan 29 | Financial Times Agenda: Read

Lynn Franco on consumer confidence and direction of U.S. economy.
Jan 26 | Bloomberg Radio: Listen

Ataman Ozyildirim: The Leading Economic Index is an objective and reliable tool for forecasting the economy.
Jan 25 | Washington Post: Read

Ataman Ozyildirim on housing and the U.S. economy.
Jan 25 | DS News: Read

The Conference Board’s new China GDP figures suggest 'Hard Landing' happened already.
Jan 25 | Bloomberg: Read

Matteo Tonello and Nick Sutcliffe on gender diversity in Indian corporate boards.
Jan 23 | The Times of India: Read

Ken Goldstein: The U.S. Leading Economic Index declines slightly.
Jan 22 | Bloomberg Radio: Listen

Matteo Tonello on the release of the new Handbook for Indian board members.
Jan 20 | The Hindu: Read

Louise Keely discusses China's GDP and examines slowing economic growth.
Jan 19 | Bloomberg TV: Watch

Bart van Ark discusses the CEO Challenge report.
Jan 15 | Bloomberg Radio: Listen

CEOs worldwide fretting about HR issues.  Rebecca Ray discusses five HR trends.
Jan 15 | Bloomberg: Read

Andrew Polk discusses the Chinese currency outlook, and the GDP for China in 2016.
Jan 11 | Bloomberg Radio: Listen

Matteo Tonello examines the rise of activist hedgefunds.
Jan 7 | Harvard Law School: Read 

Matteo Tonello: Top shareholder engagement tips for 2016.
Jan 4 | Financial Times Agenda: Read 

December 2015

Lynn Franco sees modest growth in U.S. economy in 2016.
Dec 29 | Bloomberg Radio: Listen

Matteo Tonello on investors pushing for executive health disclosure.
Dec 18 | Financial Times Agenda: Read

Ken Goldstein on U.S. Leading Economic Index and the Fed decision to raise rates.
Dec 17 | Bloomberg Radio: Listen

Ken Goldstein on the Fed interest rate hike and what this means for the economy.
Dec 17 | KQED Public RadioListen

Matteo Tonello on aging CEOs and impact of mandatory retirement policies.
Dec 13 | FortuneRead

China to grow 3.7% in 2016: Bart van Ark on more volatility in the Chinese economy
Dec 11 | Bloomberg TV: Watch

Bart van Ark reviews our outlook for major mature and emerging economies.
Dec 11 | Bloomberg TV Asia: Watch

Louise Keely: Consumer demand in China will continue steady climb, but companies need to be smarter and more selective to take advantage.
Dec 10 | The Street: Watch

Is the pace of business accelerating? Featuring latest TCB data and trends on CEO succession and tenure. 
Dec 5 | The EconomistRead

November 2015

Andrea Bonime-Blanc on rising cyber risks facing businesses. 
Nov 29 | L.A. TimesRead

Ken Goldstein on November decline in Consumer Confidence Index.
Nov 24 | Bloomberg Radio: Listen

Ken Goldstein on components, direction of U.S. Leading Economic Index.
Nov 19 | Bloomberg Radio: Listen

Louise Keely: Chinese consumers projected to spend $56 trillion by 2025.
Nov 17 | Bloomberg TV: Watch
Nov 24 | Irish TimesRead

CED CEO Steve Odland on retail outlook for the holiday season.
Nov 13 | CNBC Squawk BoxWatch

Ataman Ozylidirim on the Global Economic Outlook for 2016.
Nov 12 | AriseTV: Watch

Stuck in a holding pattern: Bart van Ark on our Global Economic Outlook 2016.
Nov 9 | Bloomberg Radio: Listen

Gad Levanon on October increase in U.S. Employment Trends Index.
Nov 9 | Wall Street Journal:Read

Matteo Tonello on warning signs for executives against joining a board.
Nov 2 | Financial Times Agenda: Read

October 2015

Lynn Franco on consumer confidence and direction of U.S. economy.
Oct 27 | Bloomberg RadioListen

Committee of Economic Development CEO Steve Odland on latest economic news.
Oct 27 | CNBC Power LunchWatch

Matteo Tonello: Investors, boards press companies to increase sustainability reporting.
Oct 26 | Financial TimesAgenda: Read

Donna Dabney on what companies should do when CEOs fall ill.
Oct 16 | Wall Street JournalRead

TCB report on CEO tenure offers mixed picture for the problem of short-termism.
Oct 16 | Harvard Business ReviewRead

Amy Lui Abel and Sherlin Nair on why it takes an ecosystem to future-skill your workforce. 
Oct 16 | Association for Talent Development: Read

New report from the Committee for Economic Development of TCB: Crony capitalism is a drain on the U.S. economy.
Oct 15 | Wall Street JournalRead

September 2015

Matteo Tonello on increased investor willingness to dump stocks over governance concerns.
Sep 28 | Financial Times Agenda: Read

Ken Goldstein on latest signals for US economy from August LEI, Fed decision, overseas uncertainty. 
Sep 18 | Bloomberg Radio: Listen

Lynn Franco on U.S. consumers, Fed decision not to raise rates.
Sep 18 | KJZZ Phoenix: Listen

August 2015

Coming off the rails? Andrew Polk on fallout of China's "Black Monday." 
Aug 25 | Reuters: Read
Aug 24 | Washington Post:Read
Aug 24 | Spectator (U.K.): Read

Andrew Polk on China's move to devalue the yuan.
Aug 12 | Bloomberg: Read 
Aug 11 | Wall Street JournalRead

#tcbProductivity data: Debating meaning of alarmingly slow productivity-growth rates. 
Aug 10 | Wall Street Journal:Read
Aug 7 | MarketWatch: Read

Gad Levanon: Strong July jobs report opens door for Fed hike, labor-force participation rate still a concern. 
Aug 10 | Les EchosRead
Aug 7 | Reuters TV: Watch

July 2015

Gad Levanon: Disappointing that GDP bounce-back from Q1 wasn't larger.
Jul 30 | Los Angeles Times:Read

Andrew Polk: More trouble ahead for Chinese investors.
Jul 30 | Bloomberg Business:Read

Gad Levanon on "perfect storm" productivity slowdown and potential for wage gains.
Jul 28 | Investors Business Daily:Read
Jul 28 | Bloomberg Business:Read

New report from The Demand Institute: Boosting domestic consumer spending is defining challenge for China over next decade.
Jul 22 | Quartz: Read
Jul 23 | CNBC: Read
Jul 23 | Xinhua News: Read

Rebecca Ray on how HR professionals must adapt to fully leverage today's cutting-edge workplace data and analytics.
Jul 23 | Human ResourcesRead

Thomas Singer on how companies can link CEO pay to sustainability performance.
Jul 20 | Business ReseacherRead

Andrew Polk on risks of China's stock-market bailout strategy.
Jul 20 | Bloomberg News: Read
Jul 20 | Wall Street JournalRead

Thomas Singer explains how top companies are using sustainability to drive revenue growth.
Jul 20 | Green Biz: Read

Rebecca Ray on six key insights for successful employee engagement.
Jul 14 | Fast CompanyRead

Lynn Franco explains how we measure Consumer Confidence and what historical trends mean for today.
Jul 10 | KJZZ Phoenix: Listen

June 2015

Demand Institute's Louise Keeley on what homebuyers look for.
Jun 19 | The Street: Read

Ken Goldstein on numbers and outlook from June U.S. LEI.
Jun 18 | Bloomberg Radio: Listen

Giving in Numbers report links philanthropy and performance.
Jun 3 | Wall Street JournalRead

May 2015

World productivity growth at weakest levels since millennium.
May 25