David Hoffman

Senior Advisor, China Center for Economics & Business The Conference Board

David Hoffman True
David Hoffman

David Hoffman

Senior Advisor, China Center for Economics & Business
The Conference Board

David Hoffman actively advises on the development, thought leadership, and programming for The Conference Board of Asia, and undertakes China-related business and policy-community engagement worldwide on behalf of The China Center. His areas of expertise include China strategy and business planning, business environment analysis and future sensing, best practices for China market development, and geopolitical and regulatory risk management. David is also considered an expert on business development and macro-dynamics in the broader Asia region.

David helps guide China Center research projects and outreach activities. He engages regularly with a team of researchers in China, Singapore, and New York, and helps coordinate a network of eminent local and global advisors and scholars from The Conference Board who undertake research or engage in programs of The Conference Board of Asia. Assessing political economy developments in China, the evolving geopolitics and commercial impacts of US-China (and broader Sino-western) “strategic competition”, and the rise and evolution of China as a key marketplace and geo-economic power are key areas of study for Hoffman at the current time.

Hoffman boasts 31 years as a resident analyst and business developer in China and as thought leader, strategy advisor, and top management consultant on a wide range of China and Asia business development and organizational effectiveness issues. After his long stint in China, Hoffman spent 7 years in the Senior Management role for The Conference Board of Asia based in Singapore. At that time, in addition to leading The Conference Board’s activities in Asia, he focused on analyzing evolving China-related exposures and opportunities for multinational companies and policy makers at a regional level.

Prior to joining The Conference Board, David led the technology-infocomms-entertainment advisory practice of PricewaterhouseCoopers in China for 21 years. He is a lifelong student of contemporary Chinese political science and economics and a graduate of Chinese Studies from UC San Diego. He is a fluent Mandarin Chinese speaker.

David has served as an independent, non-executive director for both Eastern Broadcasting Corporation in Taiwan and Kakao Corporation in Korea.


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