Mike Moran

Chief Product Officer SoloSegment Senior Fellow, Marketing & Communications Center The Conference Board

Mike Moran True
Mike Moran

Mike Moran

Chief Product Officer, SoloSegment
Senior Fellow, Marketing & Communications Center, The Conference Board

Author or co-author of three books on digital marketing, Outside-In Marketing, Do It Wrong Quickly, and the best-selling Search Engine Marketing, Inc., Mike serves as a Chief Product Officer SoloSegment, an AI-powered marketing technology company that predicts the right content for websites to show visitors based on purely anonymous information. Mike sets product direction for the technology team as well as work closely with major clients to ensure client needs are being met.

Previously, Mike worked for IBM for 30 years, rising to the level of Distinguished Engineer. Mike has more than 30 years’ experience in search technology, led the IBM product team that developed the first commercial linguistic search engine in 1989, and has been granted 12 patents in search and retrieval technology. He led the integration of ibm.com’s site search technologies and served as product manager for IBM’s search and text analytics products.

Mike is also a Certified Speaking Professional in the National Speakers Association and a Senior Fellow for The Conference Board.