Gary Larkin

Gary Larkin

Former Research Associate, Corporate Leadership
The Conference Board

The following is a biography of former employee/consultant

Gary Larkin was a research associate in the corporate leadership department at The Conference Board in New York. His research focused on corporate governance, including succession planning, board composition, and shareholder activism. He served as executive editor of Director Notes, an online publication published by The Conference Board for corporate board members and business executives that covers issues such as governance, risk, and sustainability.

He was also the editor of the Governance Center Blog. Prior to joining The Conference Board, he was the editor and writer of PwC’s Governance InsightsCenter’s biweekly newsletter and editor and writer of KPMG’s Audit Committee Insights biweekly news­letter. Previously, Larkin had served as an editor for several daily and weekly newspapers, including  The Bond Buyer and the Hartford Business Journal.

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