9th Annual Human Capital Analytics Conference

28 - 29 October, 2014 (New York, NY)

Human Capital Analytics @ Work

Is This the End of Work? Information Technologies and Labor Market Disruption: A Cross-Atlantic Conversation

July 2014 | Executive Action Report

So far, the digital revolution has produced technology but not jobs. What is the impact of technology on employment? Leaders from Canada, Europe, and the United States tackle this question.

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Human Capital Watch™: Understanding Your External Labor Market: Latest Trends and Sources of Data

17 September, 2014 | Human Capital Watch

This webcast will give HR leaders The Conference Board’s latest insights about unemployment trends and labor shortages in mature economies. It will also describe new sources of “real-time” labor market information that can help leaders make better business decisions.

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The Conference Board Job Satisfaction: 2014 Edition reveals how workers in the U.S.A. really feel about their jobs

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