New Insights into the Engagement Challenge

Employee engagement is not a new concept. Most employers recognize that engaged employees produce more and stay longer in an organization that treats them well, listens to their needs and helps them develop.  And while most organizations measure employee perceptions in some fashion, few have been successful building, sustaining and leveraging employee engagement to create tangible business outcomes. The challenge has intensified with the emergence of a new generation in the workforce, heightened international competition and the unparalleled pace of change in the world.  It’s what we call a VUCA world – full of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity.

Unlocking People Performance through Innovation

Three leading organizations, on the cutting edge of this field, have come together to found a research community of practice engineered to advance the global state of engagement. The Conference Board, Deloitte and Sirota are pleased to announce the formation of The Engagement InstituteTM.

This research community of practice consists of cross-industry leaders who will partner with experts and work collaboratively to shape how organizations understand and drive engagement through a series of research activities and peer learning opportunities. Together, we will uncover new insights and develop new practices which drive continuous engagement improvement and quantifiable business impact. 

How To Become Involved

Over the past several months, The Engagement Institute has delivered several exciting webinars on employee engagement, discussing trends in the field, advances in assessment and analytics and fresh new practices that organizations are using to ensure that their engagement programs and efforts are driving organizational performance.  Since launching of The Engagement Institute, we have received great feedback and interest.  One consistent theme we heard is that many prospective members want more options when it comes to joining The Engagement Institute and becoming involved in our community of practice.

With that in mind, we are excited to announce two options for being a part of The Engagement Institute:

  • Join The Engagement Institute as a Research Fellow.   As a Research Fellow, you can guide the annual priorities, participate in our ongoing series of webinars, shape the research agenda,  access our full suite of proprietary research and insights, visit top organizations for engagement, attend “best practice” learning events and workshops, attend our annual summit, and participate to the degree you choose in a Research Working Group (led by experts, these groups bring executives together to conduct research to solve a specific business issue, identify best practices, document findings and gain insights).  Research Fellows are the thought leaders who will lead the conversations and change the way we think about engagement.  We ask for a sustaining subsidy of $12,500 per year from each company for the full participation of two of their executives.

  • Join The Engagement Institute as an Advisor.   Advisors have the opportunity to stay involved with The Engagement Institute but with no up-front fees.  Throughout the year, you will have the opportunity to provide input and feedback to help shape and address the topics and challenges organizations face by participating in quarterly surveys and attending webinars. Limited to one executive from each organization.

At a glance, both roles can provide benefits for you and your organizations…..

Our Mission

The Engagement Institute has been designed to steward the evolving process of learning and discovery around this critical business issue. As the environment and the conditions around us change, so will the focus areas of research and application. The Engagement Institute  members will work to shape the thinking and, in turn, advance the global understanding of engagement and its impact to successfully drive business performance.

The Engagement Institute™

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Overview of The Engagement Institute™

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