Enhancing Talent Acquisition through Social Media

How can companies derive multiple benefits from the rapidly increasing options to integrate social media into their recruiting practices?

Despite significant unemployment in the US, corporations report that they are struggling to identify capable candidates for their professional and specialized positions. Hiring departments are being overwhelmed with non-qualified applicants, while being told to spend as little money as possible to identify the best possible recruits. In addition, companies today are recruiting for specialized and technical positions that did not exist before, so there is little track record to guide how to best fill these newly created job descriptions.

The increasing use of social media has enterprise-wide implications for every company, including in the recruitment and acquisition of the best candidates to join their workforce. It is a complex undertaking that involves the collaboration of Human Resources along with a company’s brand managers, IT and legal teams. At our 2011 Conference on Social Media, there was an engaged dialogue on how can social media be used to brand and attract a lasting talent pool. The rapidly changing technological landscape can confound the most ambitious Talent Management team, and can leave them with a long list of un-answered questions.

On November 28-29, 2012, The Conference Board will launch a Research Working Group to address how companies can best integrate social media into their Talent Acquisition programs, and thereby improve their effectiveness. By bringing together practitioners from 10-15 companies, including Cisco, Delloite, HP, Campbell Soup, KPMG, and Western Union we seek to tackle common challenges and identify promising practices in this arena. The research team will provide real case examples of successful approaches and address these research questions:

• How do you honor your employer brand and differentiate your company when using social media to attract candidates?
• What are the opportunities to use mobile technologies in talent acquisition? What are the opportunities to use providers in other major global regions?
• How can you use social media to capitalize on your existing employee population to provide referrals and thereby reduce recruiting fees and timelines?
• Is there a measureable value proposition? How do you get buy in on needed investments from your higher ups?
• What are the policies & procedures, as well as the legal ramifications, of social media use as part of a pre-employment process? Who should control the process and what would be illegal to use in a pre-employment situation?

Led by Annmarie Neal, formerly of Cisco and Janet Swaysland, formerly of Monster.com, the end product of this Working Group will be a research report that provides a fresh appraisal of the opportunities to use social media in the field of talent acquisition and help each organization to determine a credible and effective approach to this rapidly changing technology.

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