Generating Value through Internal Social Collaboration

Moving Beyond Adoption of Social Technologies to Drive Tangible Business Results

How can organizations leverage their existing internal social collaboration tools to directly increase productivity, reduce costs, accelerate innovation and grow profits?

The power of enterprise-wide collaboration and social learning holds great promise for creating new levels of organizational performance. So much so, that almost every company is adopting powerful new social technologies to enhance internal and external collaboration, professional networking and knowledge sharing. However, according to a recent Conference Board survey, nearly 70% of responding companies have adopted social tools, but only 5% have them embedded in their core business processes. Enterprises moving beyond adoption of these tools are discovering they must change the way they work to realize the benefits promised from a more connected and collaborative workforce.

The Conference Board is launching a Research Working Group January 9-10, 2013 to explore how corporations can create new work practices and behaviors that exploit social collaboration technologies to deliver tangible impact to the bottom line. In a July 2012 report, The McKinsey Global Institute estimated that “between $900 billion and $1.3 trillion in value can be unlocked through the use of social technologies” across a variety of sectors. This RWG will investigate strategies for leveraging existing investment in online social tools to drive value creation across the enterprise.

We seek to address the following business questions:

  • How does an organization move beyond adoption of social networking and collaboration tools to enterprise-wide application where the work gets done?
  • What do good practices and processes enabled by social collaboration tools look like? What are the organizational conditions required to embed social collaboration in core business processes?
  • What indicators & metrics are most useful to monitor change in behavior when individuals and teams are effectively using social technologies? What analytics are needed to assess business impact and results? 
  • How do companies address generational gaps and the digital divide to maximize uptake and application of social tools?
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Executive Action Report: Get Connected: How Social Collaboration Can Help Companies Navigate a Complex Business Landscape

Full RWG Report Available Fall 2013

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