Human Capital Analytics Vol I

Making smart workforce decisions requires the input of data; the richer the understanding of the data, the more thoughtful the decision making process becomes.  While many companies track important metrics, we believe they may be missing key insights to maximize the value of that information.  Human Capital Analytics plays a vital role in corporations today, especially in the current challenging economic environment where every decision can dramatically impact the financial bottom line, and add competitive advantage.  Increasingly, we have heard from members across divisions of HR that they would like sophisticated guidance in monitoring and optimizing their data to improve their performance.

In response, The Conference Board is launching a new Research Working Group: Human Capital Analytics, Volume I, in October.  Led by legends in this field, Dr. Jac Fitz-enz, founder of Human Capital Source, Dr. Patti Phillips co-founder, President & CEO of the ROI Institute, and Dr. Rebecca Ray, SVP and Managing Director of Human Capital at The Conference Board, this will be the first of an annual series of working groups on the practical use of analytics on human capital challenges in the workplace.

Four specific organizational challenges will serve as the basis for examining the use of Human Capital Analytics in this Research Working Group: 

  • Employee Engagement
  • Leadership Development
  • Learning and Development
  • Diversity and Inclusion

By bringing together executives from 12-20 corporations this RWG will produce practical frameworks, templates, and tools for the application of Human Capital Analytics to these four human resources/human capital challenges. Current participants include UPS, Johnson & Johnson, Rio Tinto, Fidelity Investments, AP Maersk and others.  The research results will include case studies of best-in-class organizations that are successfully integrating these applications.

 Research Working Groups, pioneered by The Conference Board, bring together leading companies for the express purpose of addressing a challenging business issue.  Firms across industries with similar concerns come together, guided by researchers who are thought leaders in the field to develop robust perspective to inform decision-making and create a platform for organizational action.  The end result is a research report that specifically speaks to the challenge along with the appropriate tools and templates that support swift execution.

This collaborative project will start November 29 & 30, 2011 in New York and run 6 months.  It will include pre-study, three in-person meetings and virtual meetings to review research activities.  Members work in a “hands-on,” confidential environment, led by experts and supported by the TCB team.  The Research Working Group will result in a comprehensive research report which includes the detailed findings and recommendations in these four areas.  This will be subsequently summarized into a TCB report for its general membership.

This project is ideal for HR Executives who seek to improve their ability to mine their data and thereby better contribute to the financial and non-financial success of their organization.  We anticipate having executives with a healthy variety of job titles who are responsible for outcomes associated with investment in human capital.  

The participation fee is $20,000 per company, which enables two executives to join, and thereby have a deep impact in their firms.  For an application to participate or for further information, please contact  Daria Lamb, Associate Director of Research Working Groups, at 212-339-0428 or

Contact us for more information.

2013 RWG on Measuring the Impact of Corporate Social Investments
"We have found great value in connecting with our peers and getting exposure to the industry's subject matter experts through this Working Group. The first meeting alone helped mold our team's 3 year vision for measurement at Target. Additionally, a peer in the group helped us think through how Target uses technology for data collection & reporting. The group's input and examples on shared value helped me craft our exploration of shared value for Target. Overall, we've been thrilled with what we've learned through this RWG."

Mark Muckerheide, Sr. Group Manager, Target Corporation