Learning at the Speed of Need

The Conference Board is developing a Research Working Group around the question—how can a firm bring its best knowledge to bear rapidly on business opportunities faster than the speed of business?  How can rapid deployment be significantly shortened, e.g. from six to two months?

Starting in March  2011, a group of peer companies came together to compare and contrast the conduct, progress, and outcomes of their programs, in particular firms active with branded products in the consumer market, and which significant manufacturing / operations. Working with thought leaders and presenters familiar with advanced practices, the intent is to significantly help participants develop a robust, practice-based, and research-informed perspective that will lead to significantly better programs.

Each participating firm will be able to send two executives responsible for developing their in-house program. This pair can include a business leader for whom this capability is critically important. Participating firms will be able to find out what peer firms are learning as they embark on similar programs. Research working group members will also benefit from presentations by thought leaders in the field—academic researchers, thoughtful consultants, and firms with advanced processes. As with all research working groups, a director will lead discussions during meetings and a lead researcher will investigate critical issues identified by the participants. 

Who should join?

Senior executives in charge of in-house efforts to speed up learning in large global corporations, particularly those with strong consumer brands and significant manufacturing / operations, as well as business leaders who want to act at the speed of global business.  Firms can send two executives.  Two executives, from different part of the organization and having to work together, get the most out of it.

Watch and listen to a webcast featuring Kent Greenes, the project director, talking about this upcoming research working group.  http://conferenceboard.adobeconnect.com/p13708244/

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2013 RWG on Measuring the Impact of Corporate Social Investments
"We have found great value in connecting with our peers and getting exposure to the industry's subject matter experts through this Working Group. The first meeting alone helped mold our team's 3 year vision for measurement at Target. Additionally, a peer in the group helped us think through how Target uses technology for data collection & reporting. The group's input and examples on shared value helped me craft our exploration of shared value for Target. Overall, we've been thrilled with what we've learned through this RWG."

Mark Muckerheide, Sr. Group Manager, Target Corporation