Future Skilling Current Employees to Meet Your Workforce Needs

Timing: Launching June 24 & 25, 2014 in New York, this Working Group will work together over 6 months to develop actionable solutions. The group will meet 3 times in-person to share their own practices and challenges in a confidential, hands-on environment.  These two day meetings are planned for June, August and October 2014. The participants typically commit 2-4 hours a month for the duration of the project, outside of the in-person meetings. 

Format and Participants: Each company sends two participants from their teams who are best able to represent thinking and experience about the evolution of sustainability programs at their firm.  There will be 3 in-person meetings, virtual meetings and small group teleconferences throughout to continue the group’s collaboration.  Together with top specialists, thought leaders and researchers, the members will build tools and frameworks to effect change throughout their organizations. The meetings are held in a confidential setting to allow the free exchange and examination of ideas, and self-evaluation with peers across industries. We encourage inter-departmental participation and generally suggest that participants be senior manager and above.

Deliverables:  This is a dynamic process focused on helping your team develop useful new strategies throughout the working group. RWGs provide actionable items throughout the process, as well as benchmarking and peer networking. This collaboration will result in a report comprising detailed findings, conclusions, and recommendations for action; this may include short, focused Executive Action reports, in-depth Research reports, case studies and surveys.  Groups often prepare additional material such as webcasts, PowerPoint presentations and other media to share their findings with their colleagues to drive impact into their corporation.

Research Contribution

  • Registration is $18,000 per company, which enables two executives per company to fully participate. 
  • Registration is $14,000 for companies that hold a membership in one of The Conference Board’s Councils on Learning and Development, Strategic Workforce Planning, and Business & Education. 
  • Registration is $12,000 for a single participant from a company.

The contribution will be invoiced, and is requested to be paid in full by June 30th. The fee covers all materials, access to research and subject matter experts, and peer benchmarking.  It includes meals during meetings, but does not include travel & hotel to in-person meetings.  RWGs are only open to member companies of The Conference Board.  


To join or for further information, please contact Daria Lamb, Director of Research Working Groups: Daria.Lamb@conference-board.org or 212-339-0428. 


Future Skilling RWG Quick Facts

Start: June 24-25, 2014 in NYC

Fee: $18,000 per company, which enables two executives per company to fully participate.

$14,000 for companies that hold a membership in one of The Conference Board’s Councils on L&D, SWP, or Business & Education.

$12,000 for a single participant from a company.

For more information contact daria.lamb@conference-board.org