2013 RWG on Enhancing Talent Acquisition through Social Media

"Participating in a Research Working Group is a powerful process that not only educates your team but also enables you to accomplish more."

Click here to watch the full video testimonial from Brett Underhill, Director, Recruiting Programs, Prudential Financial, US


2013 RWG on Measuring the Impact of Corporate Social Investments:

"We have found great value in connecting with our peers and getting exposure to the industry's subject matter experts through this Working Group.  The first meeting alone helped mold our team's 3 year vision for measurement at Target. Additionally, a peer in the group helped us think through how Target uses technology for data collection & reporting.  And last but not least, the group's input and examples on shared value helped me craft our exploration of shared value for Target.  Overall, we've been thrilled with what we've learned through this working group. "

Mark Muckerheide, Senior Group Manager, Business Intelligence & Communications, Target Corporation, US


"Our participation in the Measurement Research Working Group has been truly invaluable. We have been applying what we learned over the past six months and continue to benefit as we are completely redefining our areas of giving, shifting our grant funding process to RFP cycles and transitioning to a new grant management system. The amount of best practice and knowledge sharing I received from participating in the group has helped us tremendously as we’ve applied it to these projects. We’ve also been able to build in an outcome-driven/ measurement-driven focus as well. It has been very exciting. I think we all agree it was time and money well spent."

Betsy Conway, Manager, Charlotte Community Affairs and Sports Marketing, Duke Energy Corporation, US


2012 RWG on Corporate Philanthropy with a Global Footprint

"I joined the Conference Board’s Research Working Group to learn of best practices in corporate philanthropy.   And I was not disappointed.  From Cargill to UBS, General Mills to Caterpillar, I learned of how my counterparts were able to use funding, expertise, and networks to create real impact across the globe.  But, more importantly, this experience linked me into a valuable network of committed and passionate professionals in corporate philanthropy.  Since RWG, I’ve reached out to this network to learn about new ideas in employee engagement or the best software platforms for grant management.  Thank you, Conference Board, for facilitating these valuable connections and, ultimately, advancing the thinking on how we, in corporate philanthropy, can do more with our philanthropic dollars."

Leslie Johnston, Executive Director, C&A Foundation, Switzerland 


2012 RWG on Safeguarding IP & Addressing Corruption in the Global Supply Chain:

 “I very much enjoyed working with you all and that I am impressed by the comprehensive results collected in the report.   I wanted to thank the Conference Board Team for their terrific job done by guiding the group through the discussions and extracting the value of our lively discussions.”

Lothar LieskeSenior Ethics & Compliance Manager EMEA, TE Connectivity, Belgium


2011 RWG on Improving Employment Outcomes for Employees with Disabilities:

"We were thrilled to take part in this Research Working Group.  Mattel has been making great strides in this area for many years.  In addition to sharing best practices, challenges, and “wins,” it was so valuable to learn from a group of inspiring professionals from across various industries in the private and public sectors.  We are well underway in implementing some of the great insights that came out of this group, and we look forward to continuing to improve our inclusion efforts for people with disabilities."

Graciela Meibar, VP Global Diversity & Global Sales Training & Erin Bric, Sr. Human Resources Analyst, Mattel, US


2011 RWG on Improving Employment Outcomes for Employees with Disabilities:

 "I enjoyed the RWG and found it educational. I was particularly impressed with how The Conference Board was able to bring a wide range of employers and advocates together so that, as one team, we could focus on leveling the playing field for people with disabilities."

Wes ReelManager, Specialty Staffing, Waste Management, US