Generating Value through Internal Social Collaboration

Program Commitment, Pricing & Registration

Participants & Takeaways
This Working Group will be comprised of 15-20 companies from a diverse range of industries, especially those with a dispersed workforce. Each company will send two leaders accountable for maximizing business value from social technologies to participate in this project. As needed, substitutes are welcome to attend meetings.

This research falls under Conference Board’s High Performance Organizations practice area, which applies enterprise-wide perspective to aligning strategies with structures, processes, and culture. The Group will work with subject matter experts to define the issues, contribute examples from their experience, and identify new and emerging practices. This collaboration will result in new thought leadership shared through a series of working papers, and a final comprehensive Research Report.

Program Commitment
Time Commitment: Starting in January 9 & 10, 2013 in New York City, the Group will meet three times in person over the course of five months. These will each be 2-day working sessions, with short, virtual meetings and small group teleconferences in between to continue the Group’s collaboration. The participants typically commit 2-4 hours a month to the project, outside of the in-person meetings. This group is open to new members until January 31, 2013.

RWG Participation Fee: $16,000 per company covers all meetings, materials, access to all research and reports. This fee enables two executives to participate from each company, but does not include travel & hotel to in-person meetings. RWGs are only open to member companies of The Conference Board.

To join or for further information, please contact Irene Sobol, Manager of Research Working Groups: or 212-339-0408.


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Executive Action Report: Get Connected: How Social Collaboration Can Help Companies Navigate a Complex Business Landscape

Full RWG Report Available Fall 2013

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