Benefits of Research Working Groups


1. They are cost-effective. Participating members gain competitive advantage and build best practices in a collaborative, expert-rich atmosphere, eliminating the need for expensive consulting engagements. Learning directly from executives in peer companies is an invaluable experience.

 2. They encourage key stakeholder engagement. Introducing change and implementing new practices in your organization requires cross-functional participation and buy-in. RWGs invite companies to send leaders from different business units to participate collaboratively in the process, and gain first-hand perspective on the subject landscape across various industries, and in their own companies. 

3. They produce actionable insights in a short time span. Within the six months, every phase of the process yields results you can share with your colleagues. The final report provides the synthesis of case studies, models, and frameworks, but the “aha” moments occur continuously throughout the journey.

4. You shape the direction of the research. Your goals are reflected in the goals of the Group. By bringing your challenges to the table, we adapt the research to address your needs. The RWG final report is designed to be conveyed back in the participating companies, so it impacts well beyond the individuals that attend the meetings

5. They are confidential. Under “Chatham House Rules” what is said in the room stays in the room. Member contributions included in the group findings are cleared with the participating companies before final report is published.

6. They foster an atmosphere of innovation. RWGs bring together industry thought-leaders, subject-matter experts and Conference Board member companies motivated by the pressing need to find the best answers to complex business challenges. This provides a fertile environment for creative ideas and groundbreaking insights to flourish.

2012 RWG on Corporate Philanthropy with a Global Footprint
"I joined the Conference Board’s Research Working Group to learn of best practices in corporate philanthropy. And I was not disappointed. From Cargill to UBS, General Mills to Caterpillar, I learned of how my counterparts were able to use funding, expertise, and networks to create real impact across the globe. But, more importantly, this experience linked me into a valuable network of committed and passionate professionals in corporate philanthropy. Since RWG, I’ve reached out to this network to learn about new ideas in employee engagement or the best software platforms for grant management. Thank you, Conference Board, for facilitating these valuable connections and, ultimately, advancing the thinking on how we, in corporate philanthropy, can do more with our philanthropic dollars."

Leslie Johnston, Executive Director, C&A Foundation