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Business Implications of Policy Measures by the New U.S. Administration

The Window on America series aims to give business executives an insider’s view of critical economic, business, and policy issues affecting the world’s largest economy.

Latest additions

Window on America

24 May, 2017 | Available On Demand

This live hour-long program is the latest installment in a series of Window on America panel discussions looking at President Trump’s administration as it wraps up its first 100 days in office.

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Bart van Ark | Steve OdlandIlaria Maselli | Brian Schaitkin | Ethan Cramer-Flood


Webcasts, featuring panels of global experts

Window on America

24 May, 2017 | Available On Demand

This live hour-long program is the latest installment in a series of Window on America panel discussions looking at President Trump’s administration as it wraps up its first 100 days in office.

Window on Trade

26 April, 2017 | Available On Demand

This panel discussion with The Conference Board and external experts focuses on the recent shift toward protectionist sentiments: What is happening around the globe? What does it mean for global trade and value chains? And how should business respond?

Window on America: Post-Inauguration Analysis

30 January, 2017 | Available On Demand (Complimentary)

Ten days into the first 100 days of the Trump presidency, we ask what the global impact will be of decisions being made in Washington. The Conference Board Chief Economist Bart Van Ark will once again lead an enlightening discussion about the post-inauguration implications for global growth, investment, employment, and trade.

Window on America: The US Election Results and its Impact

10 November, 2016 | Available On Demand (Complimentary)

Join us right after the US elections to see what a Clinton or a Trump victory might mean for economic health, immigration and trade policy, and business prospects worldwide.

Window on America: The Upcoming US Elections

12 October, 2016 | Available On Demand (Complimentary)

In our inaugural webcast, Bart van Ark, chief economist of The Conference Board in New York, and Steve Odland, CEO of the Committee for Economic Development in Washington, D.C., along with other guest experts, will discuss the upcoming US Presidential election and its global ramifications, not only for politics and policy, but for business as well.


China Center Reference Paper: The New China Ideology -- Trump's Team
    7 April, 2017

  • The people the new president surrounds himself with will shape the future of US-China business relations. Who are they and what do we know about their thinking?

China Center Quick Note: Hope for the best, plan for the worst--A look at the potential negative consequences of US-China friction
    6 March, 2017

  • China’s treatment of Norway, South Korea, and Japan during recent politically motivated economic disputes is instructive for understanding how Beijing may respond to provocations from Washington. Foreign MNCs, especially US brands, should catalog their potential risk exposures stemming from China’s formal and informal retaliatory tools and make appropriate preparations.

China Center Chart Dive: Mining Trump's China Tweets—Just 'Flash,' or Indicators of the New China Policy Ideology?
    15 February, 2017

  • Analyzing President Trump’s pre-inauguration Twitter statements on China may be one lens for assessing future policy directions.

China Center Quick Note: The US election-an unexpected de-stabilizer
    17 November, 2016

  • Donald Trump’s likely behavior toward China is almost entirely unknowable; until more of his intentions are clarified MNC leaders will need to adjust to a period of persistent uncertainty.

Chief Economist's Statement on the Impact of US Elections on the Global Outlook 
    15 November, 2016

  • The outcome of US elections have further increased the level of uncertainty about the fate of the global economy, but bottom line growth results do not look very different from what The Conference Board projected before November 8th. Tax cuts and investment in infrastructure may provide some growth upside to the US economy in the short-term, but their impact will most likely be small. 


Three Trump Actions That Could Rattle Europe's Economy
    29 March, 2017

Six Things You Need to Know Before You Get Caught in a Trump Tweetstorm
    14 March, 2017

Q&A with Katie Paine: How to Prepare for a Trump 'Tweetstorm'
    6 March, 2017

Is your board prepared for a Trump Tweet attack? Check again
    23 February, 2017

The Effect of President Trump’s Executive Order on the US Labor Market: A Primer 
    14 February, 2017

Which Dodd-Frank rules will stay? Which ones will go? 
    13 February, 2017

Digital Health in the Age of Trump: What Should We Expect?
    15 December, 2016

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