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What Does China's Declining Growth Mean for CFOs?

23 October, 2014 | KnowlEdge Series

China’s transition will necessarily be volatile, both economically and policy-wise. Visibility into the demand outlook will be very limited. Robust contingency planning and preparedness will be critical to success.

15 Y

15 Years of a Tight Labor Market Are Around the Corner

25 February, 2014 | Special Webcast

Within two years, the United States will start a 15-year period during when employment growth is held back by supply. What are the implications of such a dramatic change?

20 S

20 Shortcuts on Organizational Change

21 January, 2013 | Special Webcast

Organizational change management is a difficult topic to get our head around. There is no right or wrong in this field, but there are gurus and patterns that every practitioner builds on.


2012 Launch of Productivity Measures from The Conference Board Total Economy Database

17 January, 2012 | Special Webcast

On 17 January, The Conference Board’s Chief Economist, Bart van Ark, will present the latest estimates of productivity up to 2011 for economies around the world, as well as the projections for 2012.


2014 CEO Challenge

17 December, 2013 | KnowlEdge Series

Join this interactive discussion about the most pressing challenges on the minds of CEOs as reflected in the advance results of The Conference Board CEO Challenge® 2014.

2014 Corporate Governance Trends: Diversity/ Risk/ Compensation

04 March, 2014 | Special Webcast

This webcast highlights important corporate governance trends affecting public companies, including board composition and diversity, board oversight of political contributions, risk oversight, and pressures on compensation committees.

5 So

5 Social Trends Impacting HR

03 April, 2013 | Special Webcast

Social technologies can help with everything from project collaboration to continuous feedback. But social platforms can also be a technology looking for a solution. The trick is how to best apply them based on your talent objectives.


501(c)’s and the Proposed Political Activity Rules: Implications for Business

02 April, 2014 | Special Webcast

This winter, the IRS and Treasury Department issued proposed regulatory changes for 501(c)(4) organizations, also known as “Social Welfare Organizations”. What do companies need to understand about the proposed rules?

6 Th

6 Things You Need To Know To Successfully Navigate The New Digital Economy

06 July, 2016 | Special Webcast

This webcast will explore the impact of digitization on productivity, growth, and labor markets and offer insights into the challenges and opportunities digitization brings for businesses.


A Better Way Forward to a Sustainable Future

25 April, 2013 | Special Webcast

Join us for this webcast as our guest, Michael Ian Fanning, Director of Sustainable Development at Michelin Group, tells us how After 10 years of a formal sustainable development program, Michelin decided to step back and re-examine its approach.

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