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Human Capital Watch: What Can Businesses Do to Help Employees Own Their Engagement

19 April, 2017 | Human Capital Watch

Based on our latest DNA of Engagement report, learn what creates engaging cultures and leaders, how individual employees need to be responsible for managing their own engagement, and what companies can do to enable it. CPE credit available

Governance Watch

17 April, 2017 | Governance Watch

Our panelists with legal, corporate and governance perspectives will discuss prospects and uncertainties relating to the reform of federal tax laws and the impact on corporate decision-making and board processes. CPE and CLE credit available.

21st Century Performance Management

17 April, 2017 | Conference KeyNotes

How can organizations take stock of the effectiveness of traditional talent management methods while attempting to execute new performance strategies? Learn from experts at Johnson & Johnson and American Express how they made necessary changes to workforce culture to move their organizations into 21st-century performance management. HRCI, SHRM, and CPE credit available

Book Discussion: The Activist Director

13 April, 2017 | Special Webcast

Several key corporate failures of the past 60 years are attributable to passive board directors who focused on short-term returns over long-term strategy and unwittingly set the stage for disaster. In this interview-style webcast, Ira M. Millstein touches on these issues as highlighted in his book, "The Activist Director: Lessons from the Boardroom and the Future of the Corporation." CPE credit available

The Conference Board Economics Watch® - Emerging Markets View

13 April, 2017 | Economics Watch

How will emerging economies react to the US Federal Reserve Bank's interest rate hikes in 2017? How will monetary policies in the emerging world affect businesses? CPE credit available

Divergent Views/Common Ground on Leadership

12 April, 2017 | Special Webcast

This webcast sheds light on the leadership values and preferences of millennial leaders; where they agree with and differ from other leadership cohorts and generations; and what steps organizations can take for enhanced performance. HRCI, SHRM, and CPE credit available

The Conference Board Economics Watch® - European View

12 April, 2017 | Economics Watch

While we welcome the return of inflation in the European economies, a discussion is starting on how and when the European Central Bank will change the course of its monetary policy. Will change be implemented in 2017 already? CPE credit available

The Conference Board Economics Watch®

11 April, 2017 | Economics Watch

Given the new administration’s proposed tax cuts and infrastructure spending in an economic environment already facing some wage-push inflation pressure, would the Federal Reserve be faced with decisions to hike interest rates faster than expected? Our experts discuss.CPE credit available

Using AI, Big Data and Related Digital Health Innovations

29 March, 2017 | Special Webcast

Experts will detail strategies organizations are using to harness artificial intelligence (including machine learning), Big Data, predictive analytics and related technologies to solve complex business challenges and provide practical advice on how you can use innovations in these areas to improve health, wellness and medicine. HRCI, SHRM, and CPE credit available

Millennial Leaders and Their Impact on the Workplace

29 March, 2017 | Special Webcast

Join us for this webcast as our speakers give insights from a joint study that helps examine what kind of leaders Millennials will become as they continue to grow into key leadership roles in the coming years. 

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The Conference Board Economics Watch® - Emerging Markets View

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