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Governance Watch

20 August, 2015 | Governance Watch

Please join Cleary Gottlieb and The Conference Board’s Governance Center for a discussion of Dodd-Frank’s whistleblower provisions, and in particular Securities Exchange Commission Rule 21F-17, in light of the SEC’s enforcement action against KBR, Inc. CPE and CLE credit available.

Human Capital Watch: Moving the Needle: The Past, Present, and Future of D&I

19 August, 2015 | Human Capital Watch

This webcast will review the current state of Diversity and Inclusion. We will take a look back and reflect upon how the field has evolved and changed. CPE credits available

The Conference Board Economics Watch®

13 August, 2015 | Economics Watch®

In this interactive webcast, we will take stock of how the oil price drop has impacted the US economy and labor markets and how that impact varies across locations and industries. CPE credit available.

The Conference Board Economics Watch® - Emerging Markets View

13 August, 2015 | Economics Watch®

How will a diverse set of Asian Pacific countries be affected by lower oil prices and volatility in the medium-term? Join us for an interactive discussion in this month’s Economics Watch – Emerging Markets View. CPE credit available.

The Conference Board Economics Watch® - European View

12 August, 2015 | Economics Watch®

Join us for an interactive discussion on how recent developments in and outside Europe are impacting the economic outlook in the second half of 2015, in this month’s Economics Watch – European View. CPE credit available

Book Discussion: The Rise of HR

10 August, 2015 | Special Webcast

Authors will discuss how to recruit and cultivate workers with competence and motivation by building and maintaining a consistent, lasting, and unique culture that enables the organization to thrive. HRCI and SHRM credit available

Driving Revenue Growth Through Sustainable Products and Services

30 July, 2015 | KnowlEdge Series®

What is the link between sustainable product innovations and company growth patterns? What lessons can be learned from companies that have successfully launched portfolios of sustainable products and services? CPE credit available.

Strengthening Manufacturing Competitiveness

27 July, 2015 | KnowlEdge Series®

Where is manufacturing productivity the highest, and how can you become more competitive in the sector? Join us for an interactive discussion on our newest productivity research, and discover productivity-enhancing practices for your business. CPE credit

Book Discussion: Diversity Managers: Angels of Mercy or Barbarians at the Gate

16 July, 2015 | Special Webcast

Shelton Goode will guide human resource professionals in locating the strengths and weaknesses of their organization’s diversity strategies, while helping them discover best practices to better meet specific business goals.

The Conference Board Economics Watch® - Emerging Markets View

16 July, 2015 | Economics Watch®

What are the prospects for China's recent FTAs and initiatives for economic growth of China, Asia, and the world? What are some of the benefits and challenges for multi-national businesses? CPE credit available.

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