26 November, 2013 | (01 hr)

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For most corporations in the United Kingdom and Europe (and for global companies based in the United States, India, and Asia), remuneration measures have risen to the top of the list of issues for companies and investors. In the midst of this heated remuneration debate, both companies and investors are searching for effective ways to link performance to an array of measures: key performance indicators, nonfinancial measures of performance, sustainability and CSR/EST measures, and new measures of shareholder value and capital formation. What are the trends regarding appropriate shareholding levels for executive directors and nonexecutive directors?

Who should attend:

Executive Directors, CEOs, Chief Legal Counsel, Corporate Secretaries, Corporate Governance Officers, Secretaries to Boards of Directors, Risk Officers, Human Relations Executives, Investor Relations Executives, Institutional Investors



Dan Perrett

Dan Perrett
Director, Executive Compensation
Towers Watson

Dan has over 17 years’ experience of advising companies on remuneration.

Since joining Towers Watson he has been appointed by the Remuneration Committees of companies including IMI, Berendsen, Bo... Full Bio

Dr. Richard Belfield

Dr. Richard Belfield
Towers Watson

Richard advises remuneration committees and executive management on a wide range of executive pay matters to help companies deliver their business strategies.

He typically supports clients in areas such as i... Full Bio

Dr. Carolyn Kay Brancato

Dr. Carolyn Kay Brancato (Moderator)
Council Director & Academy Director
The Conference Board

Dr. Carolyn Kay Brancato has more than 30 years experience in various aspects of corporate finance, regulatory economics and corporate governance. In 1993 she founded The Conference Board’s Global Corporate Governance Research Center and in ... Full Bio


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