21 January, 2013 | (01 hr)

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Organizational change management is a difficult topic to get our head around. There is no right or wrong in this field, but there are gurus and patterns that every practitioner builds on.

Rather than talking about ‘the history of’ or ‘the truth about’ we prefer to make a sample of 20 shortcuts. Some shortcuts refer to schools of thought, others refer to simple things that you can use immediately after this webcast.

  • Learn about the origins of organizational change management
  • Receive practical advice
  • Know which resources to turn to for more


Luc Galoppin

Luc Galoppin
Co-founder & COO

Luc Galoppin is COO of MedeMerkers and Managing Director of Reply Management Consulting. He picked up his organizational change skills on projects with different scopes and user communities and interim management assignments. He is the co-author w... Full Bio

Andrew Tank

Andrew Tank (Moderator)
Executive Director, Corporate Services, Europe

Andrew Tank is executive director, corporate services, at The Conference Board Europe, which is based in Brussels.

Tank coordinates research projects focused on productivity, organizational effectiveness, and corporate governance in Europe... Full Bio


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