28 November, 2011 | (01 hr)

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One of the puzzles of the sluggish global economy today is why companies aren't investing more. They certainly seem to have good reasons to: corporate coffers are full, interest rates are low, and a slack economy inevitably offers bargains. Yet many companies seem to be holding back.

Growing across borders can be expensive, risky and dangerous if not well-researched and planned. Knowing how to adapt your products and services to local cultures and customers makes the difference between winning and withdrawing.  Many factors are involved to ensure success, including ensuring your organisation's capabilities align with those required to do international business.  Another is having the right global mindset inside the organization to allow it to bring learning and innovation inside from other markets. Rather than under-invest in Sales, Marketing And Product Development for new markets, explore how to successfully and methodically expand your business internationally.  These and other aspects will be examined during this webcast.  Please join us.

Participants will:

  • Explore how to gather intelligence and build a plan for building an international business
  • Learn ways to describe business cultures and assess their impact on the business and its target markets
  • Assess what constrains companies when expanding internationally, including access to local knowledge and research


  • Directors/Managers responsible for international growth of their organization
  • Anyone who manages, reports to, leads individuals or teams (internal or external) based in an overseas market


Allyson Stewart-Allen

Allyson Stewart-Allen
International Marketing Partners Ltd

Allyson Stewart-Allen is an internationally-recognised business advisor, broadcaster, speaker and educator whose expertise in the fields of international marketing and inter-cultural working is sought by international household names growing their... Full Bio

James Rawes

James Rawes (Moderator)
Executive Director, Business Development, EMEA
The Conference Board

James Rawes, based in Brussels, heads the sales, marketing and communications functions for The Conference Board in Europe & the Middle East.

He has more than fifteen years of sales and management experience in contract publi... Full Bio


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