The Diversity & Inclusion New Leaders Academy

"...The highly seasoned faculty provided sound insight, opened the cohorts eyes to blindspots, and created an environment of trust and candor that motivated and energized us. Not only did I gain valuable, easy-to-apply tools to more effectively drive organizational change, I enjoyed an unprecedented networking experience with other high caliber diversity professionals..."
Cheryl Cofield
Director, Culture, Diversity & Inclusion, Georgia Institute of Technology

" The bootcamp [Academy] met the ambitious learning objectives and, through excellent speakers and an engaged cohort, went beyond them to deliver innovative, next generation thinking that has already changed the way I approach the work."
Laura Butler
Vice President, Talent Management & Chief Diversity Officer, PG&E

The D&I Academy is invaluable for leaders and practitioners who are building significant change and culture initiatives that enable their firms to accelerate growth through talent."
Cathy Campbell
Director of Human Resources, Charles Schwab 

The D&I Boot Camp not only provided very valuable insight but also a network of like minded colleagues and the confidence to attack this work head on.  Very important for a new D&I practitioner."
Stephen Leach
Manager, Workforce Diversity, Nestle

" Attending the academy helped me to understand the importance of influencing senior leadership, maintaining focus on most important objectives and how to drive all tactics toward that goal, using a systems approach.  Each day you learn at least 1 thing you can do in your job to enhance your effectiveness."
Monique Hunt-McWilliams
Chief Diversity Officer, Eli Lilly

" My participation in the Academy pushed and challenges my thinking, but also validates that I am on the right path and made me feel not alone in this journey."
Beth Ridley
Director, Diversity and Inclusion - HR, Northwest Mutual Financial Network

" Being a "self taught" D&II professional for a number of years coming into the academy, these experiences will surely accelerate the impact I can lead for my organization.  For those serious about the work, the Academy sets a firm foundation for D&I Innovators."
Michael Barker
Senior Manager, Inclusion, Engagement, Medtronic

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Small classes. Personal Mentors. Preparing executives to lead change

New York

Academy Cohort B, 2015 September 30 - October 2
& November 16-18

Academy Cohort A, 2016
March, 7-9 & May 11-13
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