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StraightTalk® Global Economic Outlook 2015: Are We Asleep at the Wheel?

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Monthly U.S. and quarterly regional webcasts with forecasts and commentary along with a suite of economic indicators and analyses that provide a platform for strategic decision making. Complimentary for members of The Conference Board


Getting a Handle on Energy (Strategic Overview)

April 2015 | Key Business Issues

Continued energy volatility will produce clear winners and losers. This strategic overview presents a series of scenarios based on various price trajectories and estimates their impact on the business environment.

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The Conference Board Economics Watch®: Labor Market Tightness Approaches: Implications for business

12 May, 2015 | Economics Watch®

The US labor market continues to tighten, and is doing so faster than expected. Join us for an interactive discussion on how it may impact recruiting, retention and compensation growth in this month’s Economics Watch™ (US View). CPE Credit Available.

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