Corporate Finance Publications


  1. Director Notes: Integrating Creating Shared Value and Corporate Governance

    March 2017 | Director Notes

    This report provides a framework for integrating CSV and corporate governance while examining five examples where a company has adopted the approach as a fundamental part of the company strategy by all parts of the corporation.

  2. 16 Truths about Income Inequality

    January 2017 | Conference KeyNotes

    Short-term thinking has created a corporate culture pushing quarterly numbers over practices that promote solid growth. To combat inequality and its effects, companies must invest in workers, innovation, and long-term projects.

  3. China Center Chart Dive: RMB Internationalization—No Pain, No Gain

    January 2017 | China Center Publications

    China had hoped that its efforts to liberalize the RMB would help boost confidence in its currency. The exact opposite has occurred.


  1. 25 Truths about M&A: Insights from the 3rd Annual Corporate Development Conference

    December 2016 | Conference KeyNotes

    Although mergers & acquisitions activity in early 2016 declined from 2015’s record levels, nearly half of CEOs expect to conduct a domestic transaction this year, and a third expect to do a cross-border deal. 

  2. Landscape of Campaign Contributions: Interim Report

    November 2016 | Committee for Economic Development

    Campaign spending is increasingly conducted through third parties rather than direct expenditures. That approach should end in favor of one that promotes accountability and provides voters with information on the sources of funding behind campaign communications.

  3. CEO and Executive Compensation Practices: 2016 Edition

    September 2016 | Research Report

    Only one of the 25 highest-paid CEOs in 2015 delivered exceptional share price performance during the year, while seven saw their total compensation fall--in one case, by almost 80 percent.

  4. StraightTalk® Global Economic Outlook 2016: Will Greater Uncertainty Lead to Business Investment Paralysis?

    September 2016 | StraightTalk®

    Will greater uncertainty lead to business investment paralysis? In this issue of StraightTalk, Chief Economist Bart van Ark looks at the business implications of economic uncertainty and weakening of US corporate profits.

  5. Global Economic Outlook 2016: What Lies Ahead for Corporate Profits in Mature Economies?

    September 2016 | Research Report

    Until 2014, profits for US corporations were growing at record levels, despite lackluster growth across mature economies. Since 2014, and moving forward, US corporations are facing headwinds which may slow profit growth.

  6. End of Cold, Hard Cash and the Global Shift toward Cashless Consumer Payments

    August 2016 | The Demand Institute

    The rise in internet access in emerging markets is expanding consumers’ horizons and fueling their demand for new ways to pay for the products and services of the modern economy. 

  7. How Activist Investors Identify Their Targets

    June 2016 | Director Notes

    The first phase of an activist’s campaign is perhaps the most important: identifying undervalued and attractive target companies.