Strategic Workforce Planning Publications


  1. 25 Truths about Strategic HR: Insights from the 2nd Annual Strategic HR Conference

    May 2016 | Conference KeyNotes

    Today’s HR function is a strategic partner to the C-suite, shaping not only talent but culture, learning, technology, and values. It does this by anticipating strategic needs, mastering ambiguity, and becoming even more agile.

  2. China ResearchGraphic: Labor Strife in China -- Anticipating Stress Points, Preparing to Respond

    April 2016 | China Center Publications

    As China's economic slowdown deepens and associated volatilities increase, labor unrest is on the rise. Data collected by China Labor Bulletin, a Hong Kong-based NGO, shows that the number of labor strikes has increased dramatically over the past three years.

  3. Help Wanted: What Looming Labor Shortages Mean for Your Business - CHRO Implications

    April 2016 | Key Business Issues

    Hiring and retaining talent are becoming more difficult as labor shortages hit across industries and regions, leading to higher wages, lower profits, and headaches for CHROs.

  4. Help Wanted: What Looming Labor Shortages Mean for Your Business - CEO Implications

    April 2016 | Key Business Issues

    New sources of labor should be top of mind for CEOs as they contemplate protracted labor shortages. These shortages will hit most industries, pinching profits and prolonging the economic slowdown.

  5. Help Wanted: What Looming Labor Shortages Mean for Your Business

    April 2016 | Key Business Issues

    A prolonged labor shortage looms over many industries in the United States and across the globe, threatening hiring, retention, and profits, but few companies are prepared to deal with it.

  6. Conference Board Human Capital in Review™: Focus on Voices from Europe

    February 2016 | Human Capital in Review

    This publication explores hot topics within human capital research from a European perspective and provides actionable summaries of contemporary literature.


  1. Workforce Analytics: The View from Asia

    November 2015 | Research Report

    This report examines the current state of workforce analytics in Asia and highlights the unique implementation challenges faced by employers in the region with company profiles.

  2. Is Short-Term Behavior Jeopardizing the Future Prosperity of Business? (CHRO Strategic Implications)

    October 2015 | Key Business Issues

    CHROs can partner with CFOs to ensure that stock buybacks to offset dilution are part of a capital allocation plan that also takes into account investments in people, facilities, and strategic growth projects.

  3. US Labor Supply Problem: Which States Are Most at Risk?

    September 2015 | Executive Action Report

    Companies in states with tightening labor markets should start planning now. Assessing the location and types of jobs at high risk and adjusting recruiting/retention and compensation strategies could mitigate damage.

  4. Future-Skilling Assessment Guide: Building a Conversation about Talent with Key Executive Leaders

    August 2015 | Key Business Issues

    This guide will help talent practitioners open a meaningful dialogue about talent and future skill building with key executives in the organization. This fillable form was created by the authors of The Conference Board Key Business Issues reports on Future-Skilling Your Workforce.