Global Value Chains Publications

Case Studies

  1. Kaiser Permanente

    August 2015 | Case Studies

    A company profile from the 2015 Key Business Issues report Future-Skilling Your Workforce: Leveraging People Strategies for Developing Future Capabilities.

CEO Challenge®

  1. Conference Board CEO Challenge® 2014: People and Performance

    January 2014 | CEO Challenge®

    While CEOs see talent as the critical link in meeting their top business challenges, the 2014 CEO Challenge survey results show a heightened focus on customers and reputation and less concern about regulation and external risk.

China Center Publications

  1. China Center Data Flash - Property sector continues to struggle as inventories are drawn down

    September 2015 | China Center Publications

    Some observers have recently been touting a rebound in the real estate market, and while both sales and prices have improved in recent months, it is essential to keep in mind that actual construction and investment in the sector are still contracting.

  2. China Center Special Briefing Paper: Appraising Industrial Overcapacity – the Achilles Heel of Chinese Growth?

    September 2015 | China Center Publications

    This China Center Special Briefing Paper examines China’s current overcapacity challenges and outlines its history, deep-rooted causes, and the likely impact on future economic growth.

  3. China Center Quick Note: One Belt, One Road, Lots of Questions

    September 2015 | China Center Publications

    What should multinational companies expect from China’s Silk Road Economic Belt and 21st Century Maritime Silk Road?

  4. China Center -- What to Watch for: China’s multilateral and regional trade negotiations

    December 2014 | China Center Publications

    The political-economy factors driving China’s soft fall lead us to be skeptical that domestic-led economic reform will be possible. However, the potential for coercing certain reforms via an outside-in, WTO-style roadmap may still exist.

  5. China CEO Council Session Report -- Facing Change: Sustaining and driving growth during uncertain times in China

    August 2014 | China Center Publications

    A summary of discussion points, learnings, business issues, poll results, and member insights from the June 12, 2014, China CEO Council, hosted by The Conference Board in Beijing.

  6. China Center Data Flash: Unhealthy Q2 growth – pursuit of the target at the expense of reform

    July 2014 | China Center Publications

    China’s official Q2 GDP growth came in at 7.5 percent y-o-y, according to data from the National Bureau of Statistics. Our alternative measures suggest that China is growing closer to 5.5 percent.

  7. China Center Quick Note: Don’t Hold Your Breath for the Emerging Market Sell Off

    April 2014 | China Center Publications

    In recent weeks, fears of a sharp correction in emerging market financial conditions caused by the Fed’s change in its monetary policy have caused consternation among investors and policy makers.

  8. China Center Quick Note: RMB band-widening -- Short-term volatility, long-term vulnerability

    April 2014 | China Center Publications

    The Chinese central bank announced a widening of the daily trading band for the US-CNY exchange rate last month. What are the ramifications of this change for economic policy?