Innovation Publications


  1. 2011 Organization Design Conference KeyNotes Report

    February 2012 | Conference KeyNotes

    The world is changing at a faster pace than ever. As a result, organizations are being forced to realign their focus and reinvent themselves with changing global landscapes, technologies, priorities, and customer needs.


  1. 2012 Organization Design Conference KeyNotes Report

    January 2013 | Conference KeyNotes

    Organization design is both a science and an art. The science includes using the new design to solve a business problem. The art involves building relationships and influencing others.


  1. Accounting for the Knowledge Economy

    December 2008 | Economics Program Working Paper Series

    by Charles Hulten, December 2008. - EPWP #08 - 13

  2. Answering the 2011 CEO Challenge: Accelerating Growth through Quality

    June 2011 | Council Perspectives

    This Council Perspective examines the role the quality function can play in meeting the top challenges identified in the latest edition of The Conference Board CEO Challenge™, an annual survey of top executives.

  3. Answering the CEO Challenge: How Quality Can Drive Profitable Growth across the Organization

    April 2010 | Council Perspectives

    Results of The Conference Board 2010 CEO Challenge survey point to an increased global focus on corporate reputation for quality, one of the original drivers of the quality management movement.

  4. Answering The Conference Board CEO Challenge® 2012: Innovation Leads, Uncertainty Lingers

    May 2012 | Council Perspectives

    Is today’s C-suite taking full advantage of its organization’s quality executives and function as a way to answer its most pressing challenges?

  5. Appendices to "Internationally Comparable Science, Technology and Competitiveness Indicators"

    June 2006 | Economics Program Working Paper Series

    by Robert H. McGuckin, Bart van Ark, Sean M. Dougherty and Robert Inklaar, May 2006. - EPWP #06 – 01

  6. Avoiding the Digital Desert

    November 2013 | Executive Action Report

    Globally, technology developments are taking place at an unprecedented and ever-increasing pace, but, in many respects, European policies and attitudes seem frozen in time.


  1. Beyond Buzz: Mining the Future of PR

    April 2014 | The Conference Board Review

    Too much of public relations is based on gut feelings or past practice. The challenge is to use data—not on the back end of a program in counting clips or measuring outcomes but, rather, on the front end in the development of strategies.

  2. Beyond Knowledge Management: New Ways to Work

    March 2000 | Research Report

    This report, based on a survey and Working Group discussions, takes an empirical look at knowledge management and organizational learning efforts occurring inside large companies.


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