Procurement & Supply Chain Strategy Publications


  1. 2012 Citizenship and Sustainability Conference KeyNotes Report

    October 2012 | Conference KeyNotes

    The best way to ensure your organization’s operations meet society’s expectations is to embed corporate responsibility into your business practices


  1. 2013 Summit on Sustainability Conference KeyNotes Report

    July 2013 | Conference KeyNotes

    Many firms no longer see a contradiction between doing good and making a profit, and are incorporating sustainability into their operations and business models.


  1. Achieving Resilience: A Systems Approach

    September 2011 | Executive Action Report

    A new approach to emergency preparedness is oriented toward systems and seeks resilience based on the realization that it is impossible to protect communities and organizations against crisis in a vacuum.

  2. Achieving Resilience: Establishing Networks—Before the Crisis Comes

    September 2011 | Executive Action Report

    Having a network in place in advance of a crisis can provide a critical boost to achieving resilience.

  3. Achieving Resilience: Planning for Flexibility during Crisis

    September 2011 | Executive Action Report

    Planning and preparation are as essential as ever, but now they must be flexible, incorporating the capacity to respond to unique developments in a crisis.

  4. Allianz SE

    June 2015 | Case Studies

    A company profile from the 2015 report Driving Revenue Growth through Sustainable Products and Services.

  5. Answering the CEO Challenge: How Quality Can Drive Profitable Growth across the Organization

    April 2010 | Council Perspectives

    Results of The Conference Board 2010 CEO Challenge survey point to an increased global focus on corporate reputation for quality, one of the original drivers of the quality management movement.

  6. Answering The Conference Board CEO Challenge® 2012: Innovation Leads, Uncertainty Lingers

    May 2012 | Council Perspectives

    Is today’s C-suite taking full advantage of its organization’s quality executives and function as a way to answer its most pressing challenges?

  7. Assessing Offshoring Risks

    January 2009 | Research Report

    This report offers an overview of several of the critical issues associated with offshoring, ranging from what to consider during initial planning to oversight of ongoing relationships with vendors.


  1. BASF

    June 2015 | Case Studies

    A company profile from the 2015 report Driving Revenue Growth through Sustainable Products and Services.


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