Business Scenarios & Strategic Planning Publications


  1. 2010 Productivity Brief: Productivity, Employment, and Growth in the World's Economies

    January 2010 | Executive Action Report

    The recession left its mark on global productivity, which fell in 2009. With recovery expected in 2010, advanced economies will see renewed productivity gains but continue to shed workers.


  1. 2012 Change Management Conference KeyNotes Report

    August 2012 | Conference KeyNotes

    Globalization has level playing fields and revolutionized power structures, and keeping up with all of the changes requires conscious effort.

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  1. 25 Truths about Strategic HR: Insights from the 2nd Annual Strategic HR Conference

    May 2016 | Conference KeyNotes

    Today’s HR function is a strategic partner to the C-suite, shaping not only talent but culture, learning, technology, and values. It does this by anticipating strategic needs, mastering ambiguity, and becoming even more agile.


  1. Accounting for the Knowledge Economy

    December 2008 | Economics Program Working Paper Series

    by Charles Hulten, December 2008. - EPWP #08 - 13

  2. Achieving Resilience: Establishing Networks—Before the Crisis Comes

    September 2011 | Executive Action Report

    Having a network in place in advance of a crisis can provide a critical boost to achieving resilience.

  3. Achieving Resilience: Planning for Flexibility during Crisis

    September 2011 | Executive Action Report

    Planning and preparation are as essential as ever, but now they must be flexible, incorporating the capacity to respond to unique developments in a crisis.

  4. Adding Value in Shared Services . . . Insourcing, Outsourcing, and Offshoring

    July 2004 | Executive Action Report

    Companies are closely examining insourcing, outsourcing, and offshoring to decide which approach delivers the best support services at the lowest cost. What is the best solution?

  5. Addressing National Talent Shortages: What Countries Are Doing, What Companies Can Learn

    September 2013 | Research Report

    Companies can learn a lot about effective strategic workforce planning by looking at the steps India, Canada, and Singapore are taking to shore up their future talent supply needs.

  6. Assessing the Climate for Enterprise Risk Management in India

    April 2008 | Research Report

    As Indian companies go global, enterprise risk management becomes more important to investors and a helpful tool for businesses to use as both a strategic program and a compliance mechanism.

  7. Avoiding the Digital Desert

    November 2013 | Executive Action Report

    Globally, technology developments are taking place at an unprecedented and ever-increasing pace, but, in many respects, European policies and attitudes seem frozen in time.